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  1. Pistolero

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    I am looking to purchase a scope for my rifle and was wondering what brand is the best? I recognize alot of main brands like Nikon and Pentax does anyone have experience with any of the major brands?
  2. FALPhil

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    Probably Kahles or Swarovski. But if you have to ask on an internet forum, you probably cannot afford those brands.

    It helps to know what you have to spend, and how you want to use it, because there are good values and poor values in a given price range, and choosing the wrong scope for your particular purposes is always a poor value.

    Here are a few examples of what I consider good values:

    Under $150 street price:
    Mueller Multi-Shot

    Under $300 street price:
    Leupold 1-4x20 VX-II
    Mueller Tac II
    Millett 4-16x56 A/O MED PLEX, MULTI COAT
    Super Sniper 10x42
    Pentax Lightseeker LS-30 4-16x50

    Under $500 street price:
    Burris 2.5-10x44 Euro Diamond
    Zeiss 3-9x40 Conquest

    As you can see, there is a lot of variety in reticules, features, magnification, etc. These are scopes I am familiar with. Like any other tool, you need the one that fits the job.

    When it come to scopes, you don't always get what you pay for, but you never get more than you pay for. Decide on what you are going to use the scope for, and do a little research. Some of the parent sites for the links I posted have some great educational materials.

  3. Dgunsmith

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    The best rule of thumb is to spend an amount equal to the price of the rifle on the optics.
    Euro optics are bright and high quality..but Burris is the brightest scope made in the USA and very high quality with a great warranty.

    Nikon is good as is Pentax..who is made for them by Burris.

    When Beretta came to the US to but the BEST optics company in the US..they bought Burris ! An excellent choice.

    In measured light transmission, they run ahead of everything else in the US and match Zeiss and Swarovski .

    Leupold's quality has gone down and their new lens coatings don't work well in heavy cover/brush..game disappears....but their warranty service is great when they fail.

    JMHO based on many years in the business.
  4. accutip

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    hello pistolero go for zeiss ive got two and there simply awesome ok ps let me know what you go for.
  5. 300wsman

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    take a good look at the sightron line, best I have found for the money. www.midwayusa has about the best prices.
  6. Catfish

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    I bought my first Leupold in 1966. I still have it,and now over 30 more. I think you can figure out what I recomand. ;)
  7. 1hole

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    As you may now realise, "best" of anything needs to be qualified a little. I have some excellant old Redfields, Weavers, Leupolds, a 12x Unertl and a 24x Remington. Each is great for the use I put it too. But, my favorite for deer hunting is a Bushnell 3200 3-9x40 Rain Guard, it's a mid price scope that many hunters tend to overlook.

    The optics are very good, more than sufficently good for deer hunting. I don't spend long periods staring through it anyway, usually a few seconds is all. It is plenty bright, clear and the field of vision is flat. Perhaps best of all for hunting is a hard rain breaks up on the glass fine enough to let me see and shoot well enough. I mean, I can't even see a deer at 175 yards in a hard rain so the lens coatings do their job quite well for me. It has become my favorite hunting scope due to that one factor.

    Arguing over various rifle scope light transmissions by a few percentage points is pointless! It takes some pretty fancy electronic measurement equipment to tell a difference between 85% and 95% transmission, the human eye simply cannot see it.

    What we see and often call light better light transmisison is actually improved image conrast. Better glass and some coatings do improve visible contrast but even that can be exagerated for what we need in the field. Ditto image maginifications; few of us really need more than maybe 6x, if that much, while deer hunting.
  8. BunnyWabbit

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    Check out the ones that have lifetime guarantees. Off the top of my head, Leupold and Burris are two that come to mind.
  9. NY Marksman

    NY Marksman New Member

    Another vote for Leupold. I love mine
  10. rickrem700

    rickrem700 New Member

    Great scopes

    I'll just make this short and sweet, I would not recommend anything but a
    Leupold or a Burris.
  11. stalkingbear

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    What rickrem said!:)
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