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Opinion needed

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I wanted to get a opinion on something Idk if this is the correct section to ask but lets give it a try. Was thinking of offering services for polishing barrels, or slides on eBay along with service of color filling the engravings not the crayon method actual paint so it's durable. I wanted to see the opinions from fellow members as to if you saw this service on eBay you would go for it? Thanks guys for your time all opinions are appreciated.
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I think your going to have Ffl issues.

Honestly I wouldn't trust sending my guns or parts to "some guy" on eBay. No disrespect meant. Just my opinion.
I think you would have better luck with building a client base with an regular online site and forget about ebay.
I like the opinions I see so far I've had the same thoughts myself. Just nice to have a second person with the same opinion. As far a ffl there are no violations as the barrel, slide are not classified as a firearm only the receiver is considered a firearm by ATF.
They can consider any serialized part a firearm if they wish. They are the .gov... you are not.

The general gun population will not send parts to any tomdickharry who offers a service. I sure wouldn't trust anyone without an FFL, liability insurance, business .....
Im not going to get into a debate. But if you follow ATF guidelines and regulations only the receiver of a firearm is considered a firearm. Hence why you can buy any part of a firearm ex. Slides, barrel, mag release. Bolt parts for rifles, stocks. Etc... But you cannot buy any type of receiver without an ffl. And I agree with you aswell I would not feel comfortable sending any part of my firearm to a random person without credentials.
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