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    i was looking at getting a sako 85 s/s in a .308 with a leupold vx-L 3.5x14-56mm. i am just looking to use the rifle for mid game hunting. moose would be the largest thing i would thing of hunting.(when i go to visit my relatives in Canada) i live in Australia and there is no real big game here.i would like to do some target shooting up to the 600yrd for now. i think that i will like to build a long range custom sniper rifle as my second rifle when i am more experienced and have more money and time to spend on it. my grandpa was a sniper for the air force and i would like to be able to shoot like he could(1000yrd+). i have around $3000 to spend on gun and scope. any advice or experience you could pass on to me would be rather grateful.

    thank for your time
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