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    Hey guys first post but I've been reading around for alittle while now. I did a search and there was a similar thread but I had a more direct question. I did carry a p229 and it was Kahr PM9 and to illustrate how small my hands are, that actually fits pretty good.(well as good as it possibly can) So my question is I'm looking for something with alittle more capacity but not getting too big. I was thinking about a Glock 26/7 platform or a M&P compact. I was just seeing what your opinion is for someone with small hands or any other ideas.

    ps. I did have a H&K p2000sk in 9mm that I paid top dollar for new, that was sadly stolen in a robbery So not really looking for that route again. I didn't even get a chance to shoot it either.

    pps. sorry this is so long. and Thank you in advance.
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    Have you held one of the Beretta storm subcompacts? I haven't gotten to handle one yet, but they look just tiny. Px4 Storm Subcompact Type F 13 rounds of 9mm. Unlike the larger mitted models, this itty bitty doesn't have that rotating bolt design.

    I saw one for sale in the classifieds on TFL for like $450, lightly used.

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    Swing by the introduction thread and tell us a bit about yourself. The best advice is to get hands on with as many firearms as possible to see what fits your hand the best. I like the S&W M&P for several reasons, one of them being you can change the back strap to better fit your hand, you can't do that with a G26 or 27.
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    relatively small but.....

    I carry a taurus pt709 slim. 9 mm in a compact, not sub compact. have put 4-500 rounds through it without a glitch. sits on my hip outside waistband with a hi-ride holster and conceals nicely. shoots good too.

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    If you wear baggier clothing, you can carry a Beretta 92...