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Moved your thread to the FFL section-you were in section that deals with the computer side of website.

DO get your business legal side straight (not the FFL). Setting up an LLC is a smart move.

DO see that you have the right FFL. As was said, if you are manufacturing for sale, an 01 Dealer's FFL does not cut it.

DO have a good bookkeeping system- you are going to be running a business, and paying TAXES. The tax man took down Al Capone.

If you have not yet had your ATF interview, be sure (as was said) that you are straight on zoning and business license. When you have the interview, take notes- LOTS of notes. You are about to get a good tutorial on being a FFL.

DO get insurance. Be sure it covers property of others in your care and custody if you are doing gunsmithing. See the NRA or a good independent insurance agent.

Be prepared for folks with dumb questions. And DO stop back in when you have questions for us. There are several 01's here that have been in the business for some time.
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