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    I'm seriously not a rifle guy so I went to Ruger's website and glanced at the Mini 14 manual to get an idea of how to break it down. BTW, the one I picked up is a later model 580 series from 2007 based on the serial # info. Got it apart without a hitch and proceeded to clean and lube it like I do all guns I acquire. This thing was clean and lubed well and that tells me the previous owner probably took care of it. Spent an hour or so messing around and learned a bit about how it works.

    The only rifle I'm familiar with is an M-16 from my military days so it was fun to take another one apart and get it back together. I've received some tips from the Mini gurus here so I ordered a couple of new recoil springs and a pack of shock buffers from Brownells...
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    Look at you go, now that your pistol addiction seems satisfied you are moving right along into rifles. So whatcha gonna get next? ;)

    also, how about some pics of the new mini?

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    I was never a rifle guy for a reason, I have lazy eye in my right eye and I shoot right handed so I've always been handicapped with long guns. With a handgun, I shoot right handed and left eyed and it works well for me. Doubt I'll ge anymore rifles but I did want something to go with my AR as kind of a short range zombie gun and I think the Mini will fill this niche well. Here's the obligatory pix...

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    Cool beans. :cool:

    I'll have that manual out in the mail tomorrow.
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    Nice. You are gonna like it.
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    I think you are going to like the rifle. The earlier ones are better made than than the new one's, but the new one's are more accurate.
    They are not hard to take apart, the gas block being put on even and torqued evenly is very important to the accuracy.
    Put a 45 auto buffer at the front of the main spring towards the action. I'd stay away from the buffers that go at the gas block.
    A barrel strut either commercial or home made helps the accuracy a lot as does having the action and barrel Cryo treated. The Cryo really helps stop stringing of shots. "300 Below" is one of the best. They heat treat the whole works 3 times after the cryo treatment. They cost a little more than some of the other places, but their extra treatment is worth it.
    I'm going to do a post on bedding the gas block soon. Done right, it is a big help with the accuracy. Some advocate free floating the gas block, but it's not like a regular barrel with all the weight gas block hurts accuracy, not helps. This is something I have proved and many on another site have increased their accuracy.

    John K
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    Nice! Very nice!

    Can you shoot bowling pins with that?
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    Very nice, needs the Mo-Rod and Bayonet.:D
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    This will help

    [ame=]YouTube - Ruger Mini-14 Disassembly[/ame]
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    Well, I'm sure you'll trade her off for something soon......:cool: