open to suggestions: 20 gauge autoloader

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by bigbad-ratman, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. bigbad-ratman

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    looking to buy one in the near future. i own a 12 gauge pump, like it, just not as much fun to shoot anymore (i dont need to rattle my brains loose to prove i am a man or anything like that).
    looking for said 20 gauge autoloader for general purpose: occasional clays, small game, target, etc.
    looking for suggestions based on actual experience, trying to help narrow down some of the choices out there. if you have owned/handled one let me know what you though/liked/think i should avoid, i would appreciate the help.

  2. Txhillbilly

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    I don't have any 20ga shotguns at this time,just 12ga,but Browning,Remington,Franchi,Benelli all make fine semi-auto guns.
    If your budget is lower,look at Mossberg,Charles Daly,but I would stay away from the Stoeger shotguns,have heard they have problems from a couple of gunsmiths.

  3. stalkingbear

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    I've had better luck with Stoeger semi-auto shotguns. In fact a 12 ga has become my go-to shotgun. Just visualize a Benelli without the fancy stuff. Be SURE to get the latest generation however. They've been made (a couple to few years) since the complete retooling and are made to MUCH improved quality control /tolerances. They can be recognized by the fiber optic front bead. perhaps they were talking about the older made shotguns?

  4. divinginn

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    I like a remington 1100,it has been my favorite shotgun for 30+ years,I have been warming up to my browning a500r though,love the replaceable choke system. I wish my Remington had that feature on it.
  5. Virginian

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    I wouldn't trade my Model 1100 LT20 for anything. I always loved my 12 gauge 1100s, and 870s, so I bought an LT20 Magnum for ducks back when steel was first coming onto the scene in the early '80s, and you only had to use it in 12 gauges. I got an extra 2-3/4" full choke barrel, and a 2-3/4" skeet barrel, and have had a blast with it ever since. This was before screw in chokes had appeared, of course. It is trim, points like a dream, and handles great for me. I don't do it as much anymore, but it was a quail harvester supreme, and it is still fantastic for doves, clay pigeons, or pheasants.
    Whatever brand of pump you have, if you really like the feel of it, you might want to look at their 20 gauge semi offering. I have found that most brands have a "feel", and it goes across gauges. I had three BPS 10 gauges, and they were excellent guns but I hate that having to load thru the magazine, and when I pick up either of my buddy's 12 or 20 BPSs or Silvers the same feel is there. I like the feel of Remingtons best, and shoot them best, so I have 12s, 20s, and a 28 in Remington.
    Whatrever you get, I think you will really enjoy a 20 gauge semi. It darned sure won't beat you up.
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  6. 58evinrude

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    what 20 auto to buy?

    Here's my favorites based on my own opinion and the guns I have found reliable as far as not hanging up.

    Old: browning auto-5 or remington model 11
    remington model 1100 if not worn out and kept clean
    I can't recommend a winchester super x 1, since I bought one in new condition in 12 gauge recently and it hangs up sometimes.

    Newer: I love my browning gold hunter (the only gun I've ever bought new) It DOES NOT hang up, and I like the feel of it, the sight picture, the fact that it will hold 5 with the plug out, vs. the benelli which will only hold 4. I don't like the feel of synthetic stocks, either.

    GOod luck,
  7. robocop10mm

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    The Remington 1100 is still made in 20 ga. The 12's were a little pickey about ammo but the 20's seem to be near perfect. IMHO nothing points more naturally than an 1100.
  8. ChicagoJoe

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    You may want to look at a Weatherby SA-08. It is getting great reviews and it is inexpensive.
  9. gmaster456

    gmaster456 New Member

    Browning A5 or Remington Model 11.
  10. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    Remington 1100.
  11. cottontop

    cottontop Guest

    Benelli Montefeltro