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On Sunday Nov 2, Heather and I will be making our somewhat monthly trek up to Brighton to train for the day. We have access to a private shooting range and we're going to work out for a good hunk of the day (4+ hours), concentrating on drills from ICE (formerly Valhalla) and portions of the MEU(SOC) rifle qualification. This is not a plinking session, we go to put serious study into what we do. Having said that; anyone that can safely handle a firearm is welcome, but please come prepared. Water, ammo, holster, sling, gear needed, snacks, etc. If you're not interested in training, please take a pass until you are.

We'll be meeting at the HomeDepot at 168th and Washington (3 blocks east of Highway 7 and I-25) at 10am. Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested in attending. We can accommodate about 5 persons other than Heather and myself.

Thanks and come on out. We usually hit Gunther Toodys afterwards to a burger and a drink or two.
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