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  1. Vincine

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    If one has an CCP, and is in an state with Open Carry, would one get in trouble if their CCW is seen?
  2. winds-of-change

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    I am by no means an expert but I believe open carry must be carried in the open. Conceal carry must be concealed. I think you can get in trouble if your conceal carry is visible under clothing or printing. You can not go back and forth with the type of carry as a gun is exposed or hidden under clothing due to movement. That is my understanding. Someone much more knowledgeable will be along soon.

  3. NOVA

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    Excellent question - I too am no expert and will try to keep an eye on this thread to see what folks have to say. Only thing I can add is I am fairly certain that in some cases if you are carrying concealed and then purposefully expose the gun it can be considered brandishing. But maybe you have to actually remove the gun from the holster or pocket, have it in hand to be considered brandishing? And these types of questions will surely result in some answers saying it depends what state you are in. I'll welcome the day we have a legal to carry law thats the same for all states!
  4. FatPat

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    It all depends on the State. Honestly, much depends on the particular burg or town - even the particular LEO you happen to run into.

    Take my State, Georgia, for example: We have reciprocity with Texas. It is my understanding that in Texas, even accidentally exposing your concealed-only sidearm, or printing, is a no-no.
    In Georgia, you have (or should have) no such worries as you can legally carry your firearm open or concealed.
    Now, having said that, not every officer knows the law, and not every officer is comforatble with the law if they know it. You will run across the rare one that doesn't like a mere civillian carrying a gun and may decide to throw his weight around.
    The key is to know, backwards and forwards, what the laws are in any State you may be carrying. If you're going to cross State lines with your firearm, it would be beyond stupid not to know what the carry laws are.
  5. ArmedBadger

    ArmedBadger New Member

    On our Wisconsin concealed carry forums, in my sig, we don't think this will be an issue. With a ccw we will be able to open carry anywhere we can conceal carry.

    If a Leo has an issue with your printing, tuck in your shirt or remove your jacket, just open carry.
  6. woodswalker

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    In Minnesota our permit is called a Permit To Carry A Pistol and it is good for concealed or open carry. Even without a permit if you are legally carrying in the woods while hiking or hunting you can carry open or concealed.
  7. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    varies state by state.

    in wisconsin we have open carry. in november our ccw law takes effect. wisconsin ccw permit holders there is no distinction between open and concealed. for those that choose to open carry with no permit if a jacket or shirt covers the gun they are in violation of the law and may be arrested for concealing a weapon without a permit.

    each state is different
  8. Jay

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    Indiana code does NOT address either concealed, or open carry. Our License to Carry a Handgun does not specify either one. We can carry openly, or concealed, and if the gun prints, it's not a violation of anything save fashion.

    State laws vary... check yours.
  9. ArizonaLawman

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    In matters not a whit. If it is concealed, partially concealed, openly carried, or "partially openly carried", or carried in a position so uncomfortable as to be doesn't matter.

    But, as many posters have already mentioned: It depends upon where you are.
  10. danf_fl

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    Florida recently passed a law that if your concealed weapon gets "flashed", you cannot get arrested for a misdemeanor. That is their version of "open carry".
  11. ArizonaLawman

    ArizonaLawman New Member

    Good for FL! It's about time. I glad for you, and I am not being a smart aleck.
  12. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

    Both !!!!!!!!!
  13. MrWray

    MrWray New Member

    Opem carry could have its advantages but i would rather stay concealed. If i am somewhere and a robbery occurs i want the robber to think tht im just a docile scared citizen and no threat to him "or" them. I dont want to draw attention to myself tht way they will not worry about me and i can wait for my window
  14. silverado113

    silverado113 New Member

    I totally agree! When I lived in NC before I received my CCW I opened carried and because people are ignorant and don't know the laws I found myself staring down the barrel of a police officers pistol. We squared the situation away but apparently the manager of Hardees thought I was going to rob her store in business casual clothes after I paid cash for my food!
  15. cuate

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    Open carry did not make it this past Legislative session, it will come up nect time surely but who knows if it will pass ?

    The law was changed concerning Employer;s Parking Lots...If its in your locked vehicle.

    Very few, a tiny percentage of Concealed Hundgun Licensees have ever had their licenses rescinded for breaking the rules. Many folks want Open Carry but we'll have to wait and see...I prefer to pack concealed, not out there for some zombie to grab !
  16. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    Long discussion in my conceal class (MI) today on this very topic.

    If you intentionally show it, it could be considered brandishing. Accidental exposure, not brandishing. imprinting, not brandishing.
  17. MrWray

    MrWray New Member

    Thts some useful information because sometimes slight exposure and imprinting especially is hard to help
  18. lief69

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    Louisiana concealed hangun license was drafted as such because La had no law against open carry. Also no law allowing ccw until the 90's. Until recently the holder of a La ccw gave up the right ( privelege) of open carry. Now the law has been amended to allow choice. I sure didn' t want to coceal my snake gun while bow hunting or hiking in the woods, but would have needed to do so to comply .
    Reality --442 S & W +P most all the time.