Open carrying in Colorado

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  1. sbach311

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    I was wondering if anybody has open carried in Colorado and if so were you hassled by the cops?
  2. BeyondTheBox

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    If it's legal, you're legal and you aren't acting or doing anything suspicious they should have no cause and wont be hassling ya. Generally speaking.

  3. jake1

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    I live in new Mexico and I would open carry until I got my ccw license and never had any problem. I don't live anywhere near the libtards in toas or Santa fe so maybe that is why. You may get questioned, but unless the police are investigating a crime or you are in the commission of a crime then as far as I know you have nothing to worry about. Always check with your local laws to make sure. Don't give any LEO or Judge a reason to confiscate your legally acquired firearm
  4. JimRau

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    Cops will not 'hassle' you but they are required to respond to any complaint of a 'person with a gun'!! So if you want that kind of attention and you want everyone, including the criminals, to know you are armed go a head and carry in the open!!!:rolleyes:
    Welcome to the forum, this is a GREAT place to discuss these matters.
    I spent the first 50 years of my life in CO.:)
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  5. maddoccanis

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    I used to live in New Mexico and I asked a Santa Fe cop once about open carry and he promised me they would find a reason to stop me if I had a six gun on my hip.