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Discussion in 'Illinois Gun Forum' started by Missouribound, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Today, when I left the house it was 46 degrees...a little cool for September in Missouri...but still a perfect day. This cool weather actually had me dressing in long pants, (bib overalls) with a flannel shirt....actually a perfect combination to OWB carry, with a discrete cover. Now I can open carry here in Missouri, but I had to go to a resort and didn't want any of these out of towners freaking out if they saw my S&W.
    I do hope you guys in IL get to enjoy carry sooner or later. Unfortunately, knowing Illinois, it will probably be later.....much later. :(
  2. GTX63

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    There is an appeal going before the judge on Oct 3, if I recall, that may speed things along. Stay tuned.

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    Yes I know oral arguments are being heard today. Not sure of all the meat and cheese but was reading some postings by ToddV and he is optimistic, but he's usually optimistic.

    As of right now training has begun as of Monday Sept 30th 2013. However applications will not be available until January 5th 2104. I can tell you right now there is going to be a truck load of next day mail applications hitting the Springfield post office January 6th. And the state has 60-90 days to approve or deny applications. We probably won't see any permits being issued until March 2014.
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    I haven't seen the court's opinion yet, but the audio I heard of Judge Posner yesterday leads me to believe nothing will be changing anytime soon. He just didn't seem to believe that FOID carry without "training" was acceptable. I'm not sure there won't be a day in the near future in Illinois when you will have to apply for a permit just to cross over into another state.