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OPEN CARRY-who REALLY does it?

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I live in VA a OC state yet you don't see anyone doing OC except at the range including me. I have my CCW which I do CC everywhere allowed.
My point being that it appears most people don't want to OC just because no one wants to advertise!advertise
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I don't see any tactical advantage of open carry i do see disadvantages. The only reason i see for open carry is posing.
Here advertising you were carrying a firearm would just make you a target. And when they came for you they would make sure you didn't get a chance to use it.
I dont oc but i like having an oc allowed type law. It means i can use a full size gun most of the time in a owb holster (comfy easy access) and dont have to worry about it peeking out or outlining under the clothes.
It depends on where you live. Out here everyone can carry- -open or concealed. Many open carry so its not a big deal seeing people with guns. I carry most of the time. In the summer it is often OC as I don't bother to change my clothes just to cover the gun. When I lived in MN I only carried concealed(but either was legal with a permit).
My state has always allowed OC.

But in 20+ years of LE, my experience has been the tiny handful of people who regularly OC, are the "macho, strutting peacock" cowboy wannabes that feel 10 feet tall wearing a gun openly.

Why advertise to the world that you are carrying, and give a puke the advantage?????

IMHO, OC makes no sense at all.
It depends. In the business area, yeah.
Other times, maybe.
Yet other times, no.
I would. I wish I could open carry in Texas.
I've never seen anyone open carry here, and will never do so myself. OC makes people squirrely, and the last thing I need is to be stopped every 500 yards by LEO responding to "man with a gun" calls. LEOs might be polite and such, but they can't go back to every panicked anti who calls 911 and explain that OC is legal and then give the stats on crime perpetrated by legal OC'ers.
There's also a couple "Activists" in the state who have baited and antagonized LEO to make some sort of political point, so some LEOs are understandably going to be snippy about anyone OCing. It's one of those cases of the few ruining it for the many.
I don't even worry about the tactical implications of OC in a bad guy scenario. Our CC laws make it achievable for anyone without a criminal record or recorded mental issues to carry concealed. Why bother with OC?
The only use for OC for me in this state is that it covers your butt in case you accidentally pull your shirt up too high while reaching for the cereal on the top shelf of the grocery store. Some states will revoke you and send you to the jail for a small slip like that. OC laws cover that for us here.
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I live in VA a OC state yet you don't see anyone doing OC except at the range including me. I have my CCW which I do CC everywhere allowed.
My point being that it appears most people don't want to OC just because no one wants to advertise!advertise
The general population is very nervous these days and rightly so, there has been far too many indiscriminate shootings! If I were the BG I would shoot you first! As previously stated you lose all tactical advantage when carrying openly.
I much prefer to appear harmless and no threat to anyone. So if your reason for carrying is to strut your stuff help yourself I personally would welcome a decoy:p
If I've been up the river fishing and I come into a little town for lunch, I don't bother with a jacket over the weapon. Common sense. Everyone does it.

But I don't dress in the morning in slacks and sport shirt and "strap on my hogleg" to go downtown to run errands at the bank, and a couple of stores.

If I feel the need to go armed, I'll put a sport coat on over my weapon.
I open carry only when I'm on my way to and during outdoor activities. That's really the only purpose I see it suiting.
Tennessee allows open carry, but I don't. I live in Memphis, Tennessee, an urban city with folks crowding at times. My Ruger is my "ace in the hole" proposition.

And, if necessary to answer a call of nature in a public restroom, best that the fewer people who know you are armed, the better.

Bob Wright
A right not used is a right lost.


Until I retire though I will not use it, because who knows an ignorant cop may arrest me for obstruction when I dont "cooperate" with him in case an arguement ensues over this legal behavior.

VA police have a good reputation but I dont want to risk it anyway.

I just cannot afford to have to explain on my next clearance investigation that I have been arrrested "but I swear it wasnt my fault", bla, bla..
Alaska housewife. At Walmart.


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Me. Daily attire. Yes, even the mason jar of tea. These are the several things with me everywhere I go. My work keys, small pocket knife, 1911, refreshing beverage.

And anyone who says I just have something to prove... Whatever. I just happen to really like my sweet tea.

Hand Drinkware Stemware Tableware Sleeve


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I OC maybe 3 times a week, not cause I want to look tuff or prove anything. I feel i shouldn't have to CC my weapon cause a person is not comfortable with my right to carry a firearm. As for being the first target if a BG see my OC weapon, I would only hope my training takes over and I can evade and draw in time to get out of harms way.
I would. I wish I could open carry in Texas.
Mabey it was a rumor but I heard something along the lines that Texas was considering an open carry law?
I can't yet afford to exercise my natural right granted to me upon being born into the human race. The right that says I can protect myself from harm, in a manner of my choosing, yet is steadily infringed upon by governments.

In other words, I OC because I can't afford a concealed carry permit. A permit that is unconstitutional.
The answer to the OP's question is: lunatics. There is something wrong with the folks who open carry in metropolitan areas just because they can and/or want to throw it in people's faces. Sorry: they're "off."

I do agree that they are important laws so that some accidental display, real or only alleged, and legitimate or just unassuming open carry isn't used against responsible (sane) gun owners.
Open carry here is very common during all hunting seasons, in stores, gas stations you name it. Anyone on a trail or in the woods off the beaten path has a pistol strapped on, no one even looks twice. Other then that, dont see it much.

Something I am noticing in the last year is groups of normal folk’s carrying assault rifles on their backs and gathering in groups in front of the local police stations and such. I think something happened locally with the police that I missed and people are making a point about 2A....
Don’t see it in town much, here and there, other than the groups I have seen lately

I have spent a lot of time in Alaska, a lot of open carry there as well.
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