Open Carry in Oklahoma

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    Just spoke with my representative Glen Mulready. Asked him how he feels about guns. He said he was pro-gun, owned several and would vote for good gun bills. Asked him about the recent open carry bill that failed. He said that a Democrat, Emily Virgin, basically tricked the author of the bill into accepting a ridiculous amendment at the last minute. She represented it as an amendment to allow open carry if a person has a restraining order against someone else. What she didn't quite explain clearly enough was that the actual amendment wording allowed open carry ONLY if a person has a RO. :mad: The amendment was accepted before the author realized the trick.

    Moral of this story: Vote Emily Virgin out of office at the earliest opportunity.

    Glen also indicated that he expected another open carry bill next year and thought it would probably pass. Hope springs eternal!!!
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    First, this did not happen recently. It happened back in March. Second, Mulready needs thrown out of office for lying. The Emily Virgin amendment was not what killed open carry in OK. After the Emily Virgin incident the bill still had legs: However, the House leadership wanted to kill open carry. The OK House leadership put together an illegal "Public Safety" Committee to make a recommendation to the House. The "Public Safety" Committee had 17 members: Five are Democrats and 12 are Republicans. All five Democrats and four Republicans voted to kill open carry.

    So much for the wonderful pro-gun Republican politicians in OK. Our best shot is a petition and a referendum vote next November. Gov. Mary Fallin promised to push for open carry when she ran for office. She has failed to do this, probably because the OK state police don't want open carry.

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    Rep. Sue Tibbs (R) is the OK Anti-Gun Czar:
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