Open carry complaint (well sort of)

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by QueenGlamis, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. QueenGlamis

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    no I don't carry a Glock. I OC pretty much every where (I live in AZ) and if anyone asks me about my weapon 99% of the time it is "what Glock do you carry?" I say none. I carry a Beretta PX4 subcompact with 17 round magazine. For the life of me I don't get why most of the population think that anyone carrying a semiautomatic pistol assume it is a Glock. I have nothing against Glocks, they are great guns but there are alot of other great pistols out there people.

    The 2nd almost always question I get is "is that a .45?" No it is not.

    Maybe there is too much hype around the media or video games or what not but seriously not every person that carries has a Glock or a .45 ACP.

    I am ALWAYS polite and educate them if asked, and I would never want to act like a jerk but seriously it gets old. :)
  2. G30USMC

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    I carry a Glock chambered in .45ACP !! Perfection !!!!! :D

  3. QueenGlamis

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    Dang it, perhaps I should get a new EDC!
  4. bostonscottkelly

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    That's really funny .....but seriously, which glock do you carry?
  5. SSGN_Doc

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    Lots of gun stereotypes out there. Just like every gun used in a mass shooting is usually assumed to be an AR15 or AK47 until proven otherwise.
  6. therukh

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    I have carried a Glock but I don't usually anymore. I don't OC although I support those who do. OC makes me a little uncomfortable because I'm not familiar with what OC'ers have to do to OC. Are they trained, licensed, etc.? Pistols don't bother me as much as rifles, but I just don't get OC'ing an AR-15 or the like in the videos I see on YouTube, etc. So, this is not a complaint, just wondering about OC'ing in general.
  7. robocop10mm

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    Because the average person has a very low gun IQ. They get most of their info from the media and video games.

    I get people who ask me if I carry a .40. No, I carry a .40 MAGNUM (AKA 10mm). 95% have never heard of a 10mm.
  8. MisterMcCool

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    Some states require permits for concealed carry while allowing (almost) anyone to open carry.
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  9. winds-of-change

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    Oh, so YOU'RE the one causing all these questions to be asked of QG!

    Anyway, I think when you open carry you are just going to have to answers questions like that. As Robo said, many people's gun knowledge is limited.
  10. austin92

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    I always get asked if mines a glock. Then they ask if it's a 9mm. No, it's a smith and wesson m&p .40. Had one guy say "oh so it's just like a glock 19". Omg what is with these people and glocks?!?!? Perfect example of why I don't like them...
  11. ShayneJ

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    Just like smart phones... "Is that an iPhone?" "No, it a Galaxy Note 2. It kills your iPhone!"

    It's just the fanboy syndrome...

    I carry an XDs .45, wouldn't own a Glock after toying with my son's G23!
  12. unclebear

    unclebear New Member

    Same thing here a was carrying my ak to the truck neighbor asked me where i got my ar from.

    I know an ak looks nothing like a ar but i guess because mines all black it must me an ar. People just dont know all that much about guns, most of them i guess are just trying to make conversation but then again most of them have no clue what they are saying.
  13. WebleyFosbery38

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    I think the folks your talking about are drinking the Koolaid too much! They probably watch tv to get their info and listen to LibTurds describe things that dont even exist as the reason we need to get rid of things they dont understand that do! You shouldnt be surprised, we have Congressmen who think troop buildups could flip an island and double barrel Machine Guns with Hi Cap Clippers and Bayonet Thingies are the scourge of society! Educate them, Im sure you do and sooner or later they will realize that all black pistols arent Glocks or even scary!

    It would be interesting to see Open Carry come to Central NY and probably the best way we could stop those pesky NYCity schmucks from coming to visit us so often, we can only pray (and vote)!
  14. Eagle1803

    Eagle1803 New Member

    I have a glock 26 and carry it sometimes, but I also carry a variety of guns. this may be hard to except, but a few weeks ago I was watching the sunday morning CBS news and the had a segment on there and it was a long one on America's farvorate handgun, yeh you guested it, a glock, they sell more glocks in America then any other handgun and hollywood loves them for the movies, I think thats why we here so much about them.
  15. Quentin

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    I'd just be glad they're interested enough to stick around and ask! Instead of running off screaming Glock! Glock! Glock! :p

    I carry a Glock 27 because it's a good fit, is reliable and the price was right (good deal used). For 36 years (most in AZ) I carried a Colt 45ACP Series '70 but had to acknowledge the increased capacity of a still large and potent caliber. So I too have added to the common perception you've experienced.

    Nothing wrong with other semiauto handguns but when people see polymer and "ugly" Glock comes to mind! This is due to the huge percentage of Glocks in law enforcement, civilian use, movies and media.
  16. Tackleberry1

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    When I do OC... It with a 4" Kimber 1911...

    No one has EVER mistaken it for a GLOCK. :eek:

    Must be a "universal" term for Tupperware... Like Tupperware! :D