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  1. Bystronicman08

    Bystronicman08 New Member

    I recently bought my first handgun from a co-worker but at the time i didn't know i needed a gun permit to purchase a gun from a private party.I have had the gun or several months and need what to do since i have the gun but did not obtain a permit for it.I would call the local sheriffs office but i am afraid i may be charged with a crime or have my handgun confiscated.So my question is what should i do and can i be charge with a crime?
  2. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    What part of the country are you in? Did you get a reciept from the "friend/co-worker"?

    If not, go get the permit and have the co-worker write you a reciept dated after you are in possession of the permit!

    Or, go turn yourself in!

    BTW: Go introduce yourself to the community.

  3. Jpyle

    Jpyle New Member

    Give the gun back to the party that you purchasd it from and have him hold your money in escrow, get your permits then close the transaction legally. Where are you located, are you absolutely sure that you need a permit for a face-to-face? If so, better check to make sure that a FFL transfer and a NICS check are not also required.

    Good luck.

    PS..yes, you can be charged with illegal possession of a firearm if you are caught with an illegally obtained gun. Your gun will be confiscated, you will be charged and if convicted, as a felon on a weapons charge, you will never be able to purchase another gun...anywhere.
  4. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Find a gun-friendly lawyer.

    The FTF flunked it’s Bar exam.

    Only a fool would seek legal advice from a public forum and has a fool for his counselor.

    The only thing more stupid than sourcing legal advice from a public forum is providing said advice!
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