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    So today was my pickup day for my LMT Defender Standard Patrol Model. I mean these 10 days, let's just say I have been a tad eager.

    So I get there on time, wait about 40 agonizing minutes for a salesperson, he takes my paperwork, checks my ID and goes off to the back to retrieve my firearm.

    Following this I watched as the salesman went from their storage area to the office and back again, back to the office...get's on the's on the phone. And so on, and so forth. By this time I know there is a snafu.

    Turns out there is no AR with the serial number on my paperwork :eek:. Don't ask me how.....I was so pissed it was taking all my self control to not lose it whatever they said to me, went in one ear and out the other. Something about the computer generating a random serial number or something. I know what I heard them say, but I don't even want to go there 'cos I couldn't make sense of it.....something about it being a "training" serial number and not an actual weapon serial number.:

    Look, they seemed genuinely sorry and offered me the display model...I declined as it had been handled a fair bit...they also offered me a $50 store credit if I waited for a new one, but there was no way I was waiting until next week Wednesday to get one shipped. They were trying to accommodate me though.

    Then, in a flash of brilliance:p it came to me. I asked if I could go up and they said yes.

    So I upgraded then and there!:D:p I upped to an LMT Defender CQB MRP 16" model. (Non piston)

    It is a super piece and just to handle it feels solid. Well, obviously I have yet to put it through it's paces for the true test, but what is great is:

    No having to figure out what quad rail to buy, and.....
    maybe having to change the gas block
    no having to get a better stock
    or buy a detachable front sight
    comes with quick detachable sling swivels has a removable barrel.....with the ability to switch to 6.8SPC or .204 Ruger. Comes with a torque wrench and torx bit to change barrels

    If I had upgraded my SPM with all the above goodies, it would have cost way more....... and that is without being able to swap barrels/calibers.

    Pretty dang cool. I love the monolithic rail platform.

    So now I have the firearm, my Simmon's scope with a Burris mount, a Vortex Sparc RDS, a Laserlyte boresighter, Magpul ASAP and MS2 sling, Magpul enhanced trigger guard and the picatinny mount for my Contour HD video cam....(plus 200 rds Remington UMC 55grain and 100 rds federal XM-193...for now )

    I think I am good to go for a while. :D Very happy.

    So thank you to all who tried to help me with quad rail choices and other is all moot now as I am good to go out the box. I cannot hardly wait to send some rounds down the spout.
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    You came out smelling like a Rose on that deal! That will be one fine rifle.
    LMT makes some good stuff! Give us a range report when you get her out on the range!


  3. Fumbles

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    All I got is this low rez wobbly horrible fuzzy iPhone 3G pic. I snapped it off in a rush in my recording studio yesterday, to SMS my bro in law, just to piss him he had to wait until today to get his CQB.

    I will take some nicer pics and maybe some artsy fartsy pics, soon. I dabble in photography and editing for fun and just 'cos I love all things camera and work in film/TV production. I especially like High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and processing...... so anyway, I will make you some nicer pics later on.

    Stock LMT CQB MRP 16" with Vortex Sparc RDS and Contour HD videocam.


    Yes, I am dying to write you guys a shooting report.....but y'all's are all experienced AR shooters, so you know the platform much better than what I can write about.

    However, I am interested in reporting back on the accuracy, performance and zero holding etc of the Vortex Sparc RDS. Plus, I have never used one, so I am keen to find out how well it will work.

    Incidentally, I also want to do a separate thread on the very positive experience I had dealing with the Vortex folks with regards to a warranty issue. So as long as Admin. does not mind, look for a thread on that.

    I will also report back on the Simmon's Whitetail Classic 'scope. Thanks all.
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    Really nice rifle and Contour. I dont't own an LMT but do enjoy taking the camera when I shoot 3gun.
  5. Fumbles

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    Thanks MJ....didn't know you shoot 3 gun. I have been away from the gun world for a long time....I'd heard of it and obviously recently I see a lot about it in the magazines etc. I want to check it out a bit more...maybe YT.

    Is it fun? is probably stressful if shooting in a competition though huh?
  6. mjkeat

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    It is a truck load of fun and the stress really makes you concentrate on your fundamentals. If you get in w/ a group of tactically minded guys it is even more fun and good training.
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    Not a real gun!! :rolleyes:

    It doesn't have a can opener, a screw driver, a chain saw and a Glock mounted to the rail system!! :D
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    You fell into a bucket of **** and came out wearing a brown suit. Right on, good job.