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  1. nwrednk

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    People to make "my female dog" today!!! 1, chewing out my newspaper for
    deleting me from their list of who gets the tv guide despite my request to be
    a recipient & my insurance agent for leaving me stewing over a wrecked car
    with no options, & the bozo that repaired the radiator on my truck less than
    2 yrs ago that has now sprung a leak leaving me with the option of re-
    registering the motorhome & insuring it as my last running vehicle to get
    around town! And a visit to a locksmith as the super-cold weather ruined the
    lock to my r/v forcing me to chain&padlock the door shut...And refill 2 of my
    5 gallon portable lp tanks as the main tank on the r/v has sprung a leak! "OH
    YES, This year is getting off to a great start":rolleyes:(NOT)!!!:eek:
  2. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    What kind of truck do you have? I put a radiator in mine a little while ago after I found out it was cheaper to buy a new one with a lifetime warranty then it was to have someone put a new tank on the old one.

    Look on the bright side. You weren't using the LP tank when it started leaking.

  3. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I am so sorry, mwrednk. I hate when things pile up like that. And, or course, who ever has the extra money to fix those things? I feel sorry for you.
  4. nwrednk

    nwrednk New Member

    My trusty ol 1982 Ford ...

    F-150 4x4 had a "2 row" radiator when I purchased it & "upgraded to a 3 row"
    or "3 tube" rad when I moved here in 1990. My waterpump failed when our
    "recordbreaking" winter hit us in 2008 & I had the radiator "checked out"
    when I had to replace the waterpump as a precaution! (With my hard-luck)
    now that has developed a leak & now I have to work on it in subfreezing
    temps once again! At least it is "just steaming"...but, (it will only get worse)
    in these subfreezing temps! (I will have to "nurse it") but at least the "old
    girl still gets me home"! ;) I might have to spring for a new 3core rad,as no
    mechanical part exept for the old 300 ci straight 6 engine seems to last more
    than 20 years!!! :rolleyes: (Pop is still driving his 1982 2wd long bed truck
    with more miles than mine had). But, mine was the "hunting rig" & the work
    truck for my business for nearly 18 yrs towing heavy tool trailers before it
    needed a new engine! It's second engine has barely 50k miles on it since it
    it has been retired to "as needed use"! (I would have loved to cash it in
    for a newer one when the "cash for clunkers" program was in effect)... but
    it was 2 years 2 old to qualify! Soo, I will just have to keep my "museum
    piece" running! :)
  5. spittinfire

    spittinfire Active Member Supporter

    How is a car too old to qualify for cash for clunkers? That doesn't make sense.
  6. nwrednk

    nwrednk New Member

    1984 was the cutoff...

    Year! Mine threw a connecting rod & ruined the engine for rebuilding at nearly
    300k miles! (It was a very hardworking engine) that still ran on 5 cylinders &
    might have gotten me home, but I chose to retire the poor beast & have it
    towed home! (As much abuse I subjected that engine to), It only failed me
    twice... as an electrical short killed it a year before that was easily fixed !
    From 1989 to present day, that truck has only been towed home twice! And
    when I purchased it in 1989 it had 98k miles on it!:D
  7. willfully armed

    willfully armed New Member

    Quick fix on a radiator that you know is shot...

    If the leak is in the cooling fins..locate the leak,use needle nose pliers to cut the horizontal water way. Using the tip, grasp the passageway to crimp, then roll it a few times finally crimping the stack shut. Do to both sides.

    Great emergency fix when off-roading, as pesky branches, rocks and other debris have a tendency to puncture radiators.
  8. nwrednk

    nwrednk New Member

    I know that trick...

    But, Id rather pay a professional to do it! If "Modern Radiator" is no longer
    up to the task as "the best place to take a leak",(their slogan)! I will have
    to find a new source! When I was self employed, as an hvac installer my
    slogan was, "Good ol boy quality @ a redneck price"!:)
  9. Bigcountry02

    Bigcountry02 Coffee! If your not shaking, you need another cup Supporter

    Just before the new year started.

    We just dropped $1258.00 for my van, new water pump did a leaky on the crankshaft sensor and damaged the timing belt. Also, $85.00 for tow to the dealer. I would have gone local garage; but, the hourly labor is the same rate.

    Working on the vehicle is a no-no by our HOA, unless in the garage and we all know 2 car garage is actually more for 2 mopeds - size wise!

    We also, have to drop another $1,600.00 on the removal 2 new blocks from the party wall and replace with the correct color. The contractor was not pleased either, more time and effort and getting more money. It is a little our fault, I told him to press, since locally did not have it available. HOA changed management here and they're going around and hammering everyone for some sort of violation. I have re-read the rules and the language I said, will not be repeated here or from the mouth again. Even my poor dogs were offended!

    We have a house down the street has the same wall; except, they have it 5 different blocks in the back and sides, have 3 blocks high in the front with different color and not approved concrete blocks. We got hammered for the same color and I bet they're in a worst pickle then we are.

    This is going to be an interesting year! :rolleyes:
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  10. orangello

    orangello New Member

    ^^^ I am a firm believer that HOA's are the work of the devil & should be avoided at all costs. The town nearest me has a law about working on your car in your yard, but it can be beat if you have a concrete pad in a part of your yard not easily visible from the street.

    OK, that IS redneck. (no offense, note location)
    Hang in there man.
  11. Bigcountry02

    Bigcountry02 Coffee! If your not shaking, you need another cup Supporter

    I agree, the devil started the HOA's in the early 70's and is in full push as of today. I wish I had the link; but, read that there is an estimated 55 million homes in the United States under HOA control.

    I like that idea, no way getting the car, van or truck in the backyard with the block wall in the way!

    I did a check on HOA's in the Albuquerque, this whole city might as well be an HOA zone. :eek:
  12. nwrednk

    nwrednk New Member

    Ok, Tomorrow the lock to my r/v will be...

    Repaired! By a local locksmith, (but at least none of the vehicles I have
    owned were ever on blocks)! ;) (Im too good of a mechanic to stand for
    that)! But, I "would be lying" if I claimed to have never used a "redneck-
    shortcut" to get a vehicle moving again! (I once used "bailing wire" to run
    a temporary accelerator cable to get my friends girlfriend home when her
    AMC Hornet broke a cable)! (Never underestimate the power of redneck
  13. Troy Michalik

    Troy Michalik Is it Friday yet? Supporter

    Man that is rough, sorry to hear about your troubles. The only thing I hate more than HAVING to work on my vehicles is HAVING to do it in the cold.

    Good luck brother, it'll turn around soon.
  14. nwrednk

    nwrednk New Member

    TM, Thanks!

    At least "something went right today", the local r/v parts house had the part
    I needed but I had to get it "re-keyed" as it was a used part. And I went
    thru the "formalities" to confirm that I had been injured in the recent car
    wreck. And, dangnabbit... I had purchased a "mega-millions" lottery ticket in
    Post Falls like the 2nd winner did but I was not that person!:( I just hope
    that the other persons claim adjuster contacts me thursday to find out if my
    car can be restored! I got one estimate so far for just under $2200 to
    restore my car, but even though it was in (like new restored condition) the
    car (was) worth $2500 to $3000! :mad: