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online sales of ar 11+ round mags DEAD

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Most online sellers have taken a direct site on forbidding any ar or modern sport rifle mag sales. Ebay, Amazon, even Craigslist have all grouped in a hate attack on any Modern sport rifle !

And honestly I have no idea why they are doing this is it to reduce a liability they don't even have ? or because some cities ban the items and most places don't ban them ? or is it just because they are closed minded communist morons that in general hate gun ownership since these places are out to take over the free markets of USA and don't want people armed to protect themselves from monsters wanting to take what each and every one of us has worked for ?

All I know is the stuff is getting very weird and "VERY FAST" and NRA egging the WH on with you can't get a ban is not a wise choice IMHO because BHO hates being told what to do and what he can't do any time ! Makes him furious and spitefull and direct all his attention on how to get his way ! That is the way he was taught having being coached by the "CHICAGO MACHINE" It amazes me how things are turning !

Well my final thought is in my 42 years of life i never thought I would see the great USA in such a terrible state of affairs and becoming the weakest country on the planet ! And just look we have become WEAK and it is so very sad !

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More sales on GB I guess. Sorry state of affairs indeed.
This country is dying but only a few of us recognize it. I am worried that it may take more than prayers to resurrect it. Look at the great civilizations of the world (I am an ex-world history teacher) and they all mirror what is now happening to us. I never thought I would ever fear for my country and my grandchild as well as all of yours.
Why would anyone shop on these sites anyway??:confused::confused:
The sites eBay,, and Craigslist have always been anti-gun. There's nothing new here. If the sites don't want the business, then there are other online venues where gun-related items can be sold.

If you want guns, GunBroker, GunAuction, or GunsAmerica, among others, is where you should look. The political agenda of corporations has a lot to do with which way the wind is blowing and what the consequences of doing business will be. In Obama's America, doing business of any sort has consequences. Obama sees business as competition to government. Obama, like other dictators, is trying hard to establish a government monopoly on violence. I think the business owners are rightly fearful of doing business that is not regime-approved.

Would you risk the ire of a capricious dictator like Obama for a tiny fraction of your overall sales revenues?
From what I understand, Amazon isn't anti-gun. The founder is a hard core libertarian.

I also think that some of these sites aren't selling because they're anti-gun. I think it's too much of a legal liability right now, because states, towns, cities etc are trying to pass their own legislation.

I know gun stores that won't sell to an out of state license holder, not because they're anti-gun, but because it's not worth the trouble if they make a mistake.
Trust me, I got in a big argument with a gun store owner over this.
We'll have to wait awhile until the uproar is over and see what happens on these sites. At least we'll know who the sunshine patriots are.
Well 1 walmart near me will still order in ar style rifles to sell and the other walmart the department manager refuses to order ar style in to sell she said "I DON'T CARRY THOSE STYLE OF MILITARY ONLY WEAPONS" well today I called and had her on speaker phone so the other walmart manager could hear her say that and she said it word for word he was in awe ;) and I said see I told you so now please walk my new colt ar to my car please sir ;) lol yep grabbed a colt plain jave $1150 out the door . sucks because the ar style wallyworld gets now are only with 10 rounders like my new one has and manager said all are going to be like that now !?
The other night did some web running, there is nothing, even 10 rounders for pistol mags. Ruger 10/22 10 rounders are out.
Just have to keep watching. Midway had some Glock 17 & 22 mags today, got a couple for my Glick 23, may still have some. keeps getting them as well, I've ordered a dozen from then since Christmas.
Everytime I see stuff like this I always say to myself alot of choice words,and I also come to the conclusion that they must have been "assaulted" at some point in their life via prosterior with a gun barrel or something,why else take that stand?The have something up their backside that's for sure.
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