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  1. jrich

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    I might buy this gun online do i need a special license or a dealer to buy online. I read something about some license you need to have but dont know if it was just bs or not. Help before buying plz
  2. Gatoragn

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    You need to have a FFL of the appropriate class to have it shipped directly to you. FFL = federal firearms license.

    Or you find a license holder near you, possibly your local gun shop, and have the gun shipped to them. The local FFL holder will be responsible conducting the transaction under all Federal, State and local laws. Normally a fee from $10 to $50 is charged, with $25 being common.

  3. MidnightExpress

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    What type of gun is it? Black powder weapons can be shipped to your door in some/most states, no FFL required.
  4. therewolf

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    I'd plan on shipping any gun to the local FFL at the LGS.

    You CAN get guns cheaper online, but count the costs.

    1) The gun....................(example)........300$



    4)FNLE check at FFL..............................25$

    total:..................391$(before taxes, if any)

    So, IF you're saving 200-300$ fine. If you think you're

    going to save 15$ over what's being charged at the store,

    you're wasting your time...
  5. jebsca

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    I have a few guns sent to an FFL. In doing this, you have to look at the total cost. It may save me some money, but it has a down side. The last time I got a new gun, I knew what it would cost to put it in my hands over the internet, and had that in mind at the gun show. When I found a dealer with the gun, I used that number to talk him down. He gave me my price, plus taxes, but I was able to check the gun out and had it in my hands that day. I would say use the Internet to research, but plan on buying in a store. That plan does NOT stop me from looking at gunbroker often, cause you can find some good deals.
  6. c3shooter

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    Good information- but to cut to the heart of original question- Federal law requires that when ownership of a non-antique/ non-muzzleloading gun is being transferred across a state line, the gun must be sent TO a holder of a Federal Firearms License (FFL) in your home state. That is normally a dealer.

    You buy the gun from a seller in state A. You live in state B. You have a dealer in state B send the seller his Dealer's FFL information. Seller ships the gun to your dealer. You go see dealer, do the same paperwork as if you were buying the gun from him. He runs background check. When everything is done, you pay your dealer for his time. There is no set fee- some folks charge $10, some $150.

    In most cases, it is illegal for you to buy a firearm from another state and have it shipped directly to you. And no, unless you are "engaged in the business" of buying and selling guns, you cannot get your own Dealer's FFL. There IS a Collector's FFL, but it does not cover new firearms.
  7. danf_fl

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    On more than one occassion I have faxed a copy of my FFL to the seller. I also provide the buyer a copy of my signed FFL for him/her to mail to sender if they so desire.
  8. therewolf

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    I got burned recently on gunbroker, by trusting "auto-bid"(don't)

    then, I hadn't noticed the extra tax fees on the gun in-state.

    I still saved a few hundred retail, but if I'd been more careful,

    would have saved @100$ more.

    As luck would have it, I'd give up my right arm before that

    gun, I'm pleased as punch with that unit, so it ended well.:cool:
  9. cottontop

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    gun buying

    The only problem in waiting to find a certain gun at a gun show is if the gun you have in mind if something rare or unusual. You might not find it. I recently bought a Remington 722 in .244 Remington. I don't mean 6mm Remington w/ the 1-8 twist, but the 1950's Remington w/ the 1-12 twist. Don't ask me why I wanted that particular model as it would result in a lengthy explanation. Anyway, the gun is great and the wait wasn't that long so I lucked out. Now if I was looking for a bolt action in some common caliber like a 30-06, .270, .243, etc., I would buy it locally and not on line.