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    I went to a school function last week for my youngest kiddo and ran into the owner of the local grocery store. Him and I got to chatting about the company I manage no longer purchasing pastries and such from them through out the year. I pointed out the gun free zone sticker on his front door. I also pointed out that Walmart and Meier's (about 10 miles farther away) don't have those stickers and I went on to explain that criminals see that sticker as a welcome mat. The conversation ended with "I can take care of that". Out of pure curiosity I drove by tonight to see if it was still there. It is not.
    My team members get donuts and brownies from the local grocery store Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. kaido

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    Woot woot!!

    I'd be happy if I could get my government to at least allow off duty police to carry a firearm I case they happen upon something needing an armed response. Sadly this isn't going to happen for a little while longer we where able to get the long gun registry out of the way that's our small win. Still need some more work firearms wise up here in Canada though.

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    Canadian Cops must be better marksman than American... Or at least NYC Cops.

    Down here were hoping to "dis" arm some of our off duty LEO's... In the name of public safety. ;)

  4. kaido

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    Haha I remember reading that. I'm not really sure what the average is that our cops score on their qualifications, but I'm willing to take one for the team if it means a step to giving the average civilian a chance at owning a firearm for self defence.
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    Congrats Jester. We'll take the victories when and where we can.
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    Thats awesome news Jester. I too refuse to eat and shop at businesses that advertise themselves as "mass murderer empowerment zones"

    I do not inform the management, however. I just carry on about my day. I doubt many would actually be as receptive as your experience.
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    Most businesses seem to have the mindset that if you dont like something there, take your business elsewhere. They forget some simple things. Any business can get a customer, but its the repeat customers that keep the doors open. Sooner or later, they'll run out of new customers.
    I try not to deal with places that dont share my similar ideas. Why should I support them if they wont support me (my ideas and beliefs)?
    I understand that yes, its THEIR business, they can do as they please. So I do as I please and go somewhere else. Its just business.