One Second After

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  1. Grasshopper

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    Have any of you read this book, One Second After? If this topic has already been discussed, sorry, I am new. :)

    I am reading this book and to me this would qualify as the SHTF scenario. I also thought of this forum when the Dad in the book is taking his guns out and what he is loading his shotgun with, i have read the same thing in the shotgun section many times. This is a very good book so far.

    Here is some info on the book for those who may not have heard about it. This book really gets your mind wondering. - Home
  2. spittinfire

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    I haven't read it but I know some people who have and from what they say I need to give it a look. I'll let you know in a few weeks....

  3. Mack Bolan

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    my buddy just gave me this book last week and i'm only about twenty pages in or so....feels like its going to be a quick read, meaning action packed, edge of seat type story...and interesting to say the very least.
  4. Gulfcity

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    I see the book as being close to accurate in a similar situation or disaster. The first 24hrs help is on the way, 24-48hrs people begin to get more aggressive, 48-72hrs its everyone for themselves. I had an older gentleman (WWII era)tell me one time that you only have 24hrs to get to your bug out location and if the authorities want the public to locate to a specific location, for me to be very cautious of their motives. Some things just make sense if you think about them.
  5. M14sRock

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    I read it a few weeks ago. Grim.

    I did not like the trepidation of the main character who was supposed to be well schooled in EMP, but other than that it was very informative.

    The recurring lesson of books like (The Road, Lucifer's Hammer, One Second After, etc...) this for me has always been...

    1.) You can't have too much ammo.
    2.) You can't have too much food/water.
    3.) Cannibalism is only a few days away at any moment.
    4.) You can't have too much ammo.
    5.) Make sure you have plenty of socks, and good spare boots.
  6. bkt

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    Sounds kind of like the ebook Lights Out. Grim, yes.

    Iran is getting good at launching things really far and really high into the sky (or above it). And they're within 12 months of having nukes. Do the math.
  7. kodiak1973

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    Great book. I read it a few months ago. If you liked that, try Without Warning by John Birmingham. What would happen if the US just "disappeared"? I highly recommend it!
  8. superc

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    It's not a bad book, but it is a little mild. :)

    The EMP scenario really isn't too far fetched and it is (obviously) on some DHS folk's radars, even if they don't seem to be doing much to prevent it.