One question to answer all questions... Best AR-15 with the most parts/accessories

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by GunNut3123, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. GunNut3123

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    I see a million questions about AR-15 rifles on here (kind of obvious since this is the AR-15 thread), but I noticed most questions were TO focused. Best parts, best gun, best sights, etc...
    So here's the place for all answers and all questions...
    Which rifle is the easiest to find parts for, being, at the same time the best rifle for the money?
    Also, looking through most parts magazines, etc... It shows a multitude of different parts and accessories for ARs. Do these generic parts fit all AR-15s?

  2. JonM

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    unless you get some wierd proprietary gun like a scar or acr pretty much everything in the AR15 world is plug and play. if your gun is made to milspec or better ar15 standard everything swaps around just fine. its why the ar15 is called the lego gun.

  3. AgentTikki

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    Things you have to watch out for.

    Piston gas setups (effects gas block, hand guard rail choices, and bolt carrier group choices)
    Ar10 recievers.
    Commercial vs mil spec buffer tubes.
    Proprietary barrel nuts for rails and handguards.

    They are others but these are some of the more common pitfalls.