One rifle.

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  1. StainlessSteel215

    StainlessSteel215 New Member

    In an extremely unlikely situation, where you were forced to grab only one of each in its respective category and leave the others behind.....which gun models/calibers would you pick in your CURRENT gun collection? Dont pick guns you wish you had, rack your brain and select one of each in your current arsenal.

    For me its the following:

    Glock 30SF
    Why? Its a .45acp, holds 10+1, medium sized gun, reliable and accurate as hell. Easy to maintain and clean. Shoots anything you feed it.

    IAC Hawk 982 12ga shotgun
    Why? Its a freaking 12ga. Holds 5+1. Has ghost ring sights and although mine is brand new and I havent shot it are that its VERY reliable. Gonna put a few boxes of slugs through it in the next 2 weeks.

    Ruger Mini-14 ranch rifle
    Well, I dont own this yet but I am currently eyeballing 3 models on GunBroker. Decided to purchase one very soon. I like the size, the .223 cartridge, magazine capacity, I like the old fashioned wood stock and accuracy of these guns out of the box. This would no doubt be my long distance weapon of choice.

    In a pinch, I would be happy as a clam with these 3 firearms. I now have 2 out of 3 and will complete my arsenal soon. I think I'm done buying handguns for a while ;)
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  2. TruggieTex

    TruggieTex New Member

    Ok, here goes....

    Sig 226-wife can shoot it....
    Daily 20 youth pump- kids can shoot it...
    M1A Scout-I will carry that one!

  3. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Ed Brown Kobra carry
    .45ACP, accurate, concealable

    870 pump
    extended mag, 12 ga., enuff said

    .308 cal, plenty of mags, plenty of rounds, very familiar with function and can repair.
  4. Ultimate_sig

    Ultimate_sig New Member

    1911 tac ops
    Vepr 12
    Yhm ar15



  5. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    Sorry to be that guy.... but "it depends."
  6. StainlessSteel215

    StainlessSteel215 New Member

    touchè fellas.
    Nice choices.....very nice. Hey Tex I really got selfish there....never even considered firearms the wifey could also shoot.

    BULLSH@#$% Mosin, man up & make your choices! ;)
  7. Mosin

    Mosin Well-Known Member

    What's the scenario? Defending the home? Heaviest calibers. On the move? Whatever I can carry the most of...

    Am I surviving in the woods? .22 rifle
    Am I on my front porch? .308

    Then, since we're assuming only guns we currently possess, is it fair to assume that we only have the ammo we possess?...
    because some rifles have a hundred or so rounds, but I've got a few thousand rounds of .22 as well.
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  8. Ultimate_sig

    Ultimate_sig New Member

    Life is the situation
  9. StainlessSteel215

    StainlessSteel215 New Member

    Right on Sig, a combination of all of the above brother! Grab your bag and lock & load
  10. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    SIG P226 9MM.

    Colt LE6940 AR 15

    Benelli M-2 12 guage. semiauto.

    Both me and the wife can handle all three.
  11. Devin556

    Devin556 New Member

    Ruger SR9- holds 17➕1, accurate, and wife can handle it.
    Stoeger 2000 12ga.- its a freakin 12ga., semi auto, and wife can handle it.
    Delton AR15- accurate, reliable, close and mid-range, and the wife loves it.
  12. nitestalker

    nitestalker New Member

    There are many wives that can shoot. But finding a wife that can help out when your rig hangs up!:D

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  13. DFlynt

    DFlynt New Member

    Glock 22

    New Haven 600 12ga (Same as the Mossberg 500)

    Ruger Mini-14

    Why? Because they are the only firearms I currently own.
  14. indy36

    indy36 New Member

    Ruger 22/45 with red dot - I could game hunt with it if needed. I have 6 mags so that's good. If I 'found' a silencer somewhere it might fit since the barrel is threaded. Quiet is good.

    Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge pump - has a mag extension and holds 10 slugs so it packs some punch. It also has a 28-inch barrel so it's accurate.

    Draco rifle - my Draco was custom built and has a Magpul MOE stock and UltiMak rail system. I like the AK action and the ruggedness of AKs. My chest rig holds 5 mags so with one in the gun I've got 180 rounds of 7.62. The red dot on the Ruger 22/45 can also be put on the Draco.


    I've got a 1903A3 bolt action 30-06 and it shoots a long way but I decided the sheer quantity of 7.62x39 would be more valuable than my only more 'long distance' rifle. Also, the Glock 34 was tough to leave out but a .22 is needed to hunt small game with.
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  15. TexasGunner

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    I'm cheating and bringing an extra gun or two..... I can't leave them behind to fall in to the wrong hands can I?

    Pistol - this one is a toss up between my Springfield Armory 1911A1 .45 and my Ruger New Vaquero .357 mag. Guess I'll go with my 1911, I have 10 years experience with it and 2 months on the Ruger.

    Shotgun - my Stoeger 12 gauge side by side double barrel.

    Rifle that wife and/or kids could easily handle - my Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22.

    Close to Intermediate range rifle - my Rock River LAR-15 with 16" Varmint Barrel.


    Long Range Rifle - my Remington 700 Varmint .308


    Even with my cheating and bringing along 2 extra guns, I still feel very uncomfortable with all that I have left behind. I'm going back home and grabbing them too dammit! I have a lot of family and everyone needs to be armed in these crazy times!
  16. gunsmoke11

    gunsmoke11 New Member

  17. NotMormon

    NotMormon Member

    Colt 10mm Delta Elite (like my 45's but...)
    Savage 520-30 (good enough for gramps in WWII)
    DPMS LAR-10 (sorry to my beloved bolt guns)
  18. AR10

    AR10 New Member

    You notice the internet is down on the PC. You check your smart phone, also no internet. You try calling your wife at work, all circuits are busy, or a fast busy. You turn on the tv, and there is a monotone whistle and a picture that says stay tuned to this station for an announcement.

    You try to call your kids school, but now no dial tone. Dead. As you hit the door, a blast goes off in the air, very far away. You see it, feel it, and moments later, you hear it. You jump in your car, and nothing. Neighbors are coming outside holding dead cordless phones, wanting to know what is going on.

    Your three kids, in two schools are four, and seven miles away. Your wife is 20 miles away.

    As you leave a note on the door, telling your family to stay home, you will come back here, what gun (s) should you take on your 100 mile walk across the soon to be riot zone?

    What kills me, is the OP has no idea what is ahead of us. None of us do. Whatever it is, is planned by a outsider that does not like our way of life and the freedoms we have and the luxuries we enjoy.

    What three guns? Only one, Glock 20 and three full clips. Light water resistant coat, knife, duct tape, energy bars, extra strength excedrins for the pain reliever and the caffeine, pen, paper, ID,

    Have emergency streets you use, and an emergency woodland area to travel in if the streets turn dangerous. Leave signals at designated stops along the way, to communicate with your family, which by now, are also walking home.
  19. Squawk

    Squawk New Member

    I love it! Gotta think outside the box. Because the truth is nobody knows what is coming. Could be nothing. Could be bigger than what you described. Time will tell.
  20. Ultimate_sig

    Ultimate_sig New Member

    I just felt a cold chill run up my spine. Think the reality is catching up