One-of-a-Kind Custom 1911 Build

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by JamesO, Jul 7, 2009.

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    well sorta...Knowing that there arent many gun NUTTS on this forum, or many into 1911's NUTTS here , I'm going to post this and hope I don't get banned!;););)

    Coin carving is just another hobby (source of income) of mine. I re carve these coins into One-of-a-Kind works of art. Themes and artistic ideas are endless. I like to incorporate in most 24kt gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, ivory, blacklip, or whatever works with the carving. The Buffalo Nickel is what I usually carve on to keep with the coin carving traditions of our American history (Hobo Nickels). Thus I am a Modern Hobo Nickel Carver.

    This Colt Model 1911 is carved on a 1913 Buffalo Nickel. 1913 is the first year mint of these coins, if only they were minted in 1911. The significance of the date 1913 is that the M1911 was adopted into the NAVY and MARINE Corps in the year 1913 so it all ties together. Genuine pre ban Elephant Ivory grip inlayed into coin, 24kt gold pins thru coin that hold the ivory grip on, and 24kt gold inlayed C in the Colt logo. The Colt sculptured horse is a replica of a bronze that was made for Colt Firearms.

    Hope You Enjoy and comments and critiques welcome.



  2. Shotgun Shooter

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    Nice work!
    I'm not into any handguns, unless its a revolver..but that 1911 is pretty nice!


  3. Stealie

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    Welcome fellow Buckeye. Those are very impressive. Beautiful carvings, I can't beleive the amount of detail. Kudos.
  4. M14sRock

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    Those are very cool. No legal issues with defacing money, though?
  5. CA357

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    Very nice work. Welcome here.
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    Those are very cool! I bet they would look great mounted in a set of grips........;)
    If you get a chance, I'd appreciate a PM with some basic information on these.
    Thanks for posting the pics, again, VERY cool!
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    Thanks for the welcome and your kind words.
    Once you alter a coin you are "taking it out of circulation" and it is no longer legal tender. You cannot legally spend it or submit it back into circulation. But you can buy them, collect them or trade them. I currently have clients all over the world and I carve on all coins, all sizes, years, whatever the client desires.

    The handgun theme is my own idea and I am currently working on ideas, drawings and carving some 14 coins that depict Historically relevant handguns from around the world. The list might grow.

    Did I mention that my coin carvings are One-of-a-Kind never to be carved by me unless the original owner requests 2, one for each grip.;):D

    As you can see in 2 of the pictures- a Model 1847 Colt Walker. That is the first in the series. Historically relevant for many reasons. Originally there were only 21,000 of these made and only 175 are know to exist. And it was the largest handgun until the 1930s when the 357 was introduced. Well now there is 176!:D:D