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TODAY there is no way to have a rational conversation about the topic with anyone that's anti guns. There are was too many emotions in the way. and when emotion is used to make decisions, rational thinking is overlooked. I wouldn't waste your time even trying. You'll come off as being a 'gun nut' and become a "target" for them to point at and say "that's exactly why we want guns off the street". Meaning through no fault of your own, you will help them perpetuate their BS stereotype. Don't ask how you'd do that if you're speaking fact, you just will. It's how emotionally driven people operate.
The only sensible thing to do is to step back and watch the calendar. Let a bit of time go by. but at the same time, plan a strategy, save some links, study their rhetoric. Know what they're going to say before they say it, and have 2 answers for each point they attempt to bring up. And always know your sources. Bringing up datum from an NRA paid for survey doesn't always have the same weight as an independent report, etc..

Knowing that you understand their cause, almost gives them a sense that you are on their side and this way they won't know if you're for or against them. Then and only then will they allow some logic to set in. I've debated for years, though not on this topic, and that has always gotten me far. Insults prove their point, anger does the same thing. - Sympathize and then submit your facts.

"The best and only way to be opinionated, is to first be educated." - Me (that's a Nate Rudy Lyric)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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