One Lucky Marine!!!!

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    No many people are as lucky as he was!

    U.S. Marine Walks Away From Shot to Helmet - Afghanistan | Map | War -

    U.S. Marine Walks Away From Shot to Helmet
    Tuesday , February 16, 2010

    MARJAH, Afghanistan —

    It is hard to know whether Monday was a very bad day or a very good day for Lance Cpl. Andrew Koenig.

    On the one hand, he was shot in the head. On the other, the bullet bounced off him.

    In one of those rare battlefield miracles, an insurgent sniper hit Lance Cpl. Koenig dead on in the front of his helmet, and he walked away from it with a smile on his face.

    "I don't think I could be any luckier than this," Lance Cpl. Koenig said two hours after the shooting.

    Lance Cpl. Koenig's brush with death came during a day of intense fighting for the Marines of Company B, 1st Battalion, 6th Regiment.

    The company had landed by helicopter in the predawn dark on Saturday, launching a major coalition offensive to take Marjah from the Taliban.

    The Marines set up an outpost in a former drug lab and roadside-bomb factory and soon found themselves under near-constant attack.

    Lance Cpl. Koenig, a lanky 21-year-old with jug-handle ears and a burr of sandy hair, is a designated marksman. His job is to hit the elusive Taliban fighters hiding in the tightly packed neighborhood near the base.

    The insurgent sniper hit him first. The Casper, Wyo., native was kneeling on the roof of the one-story outpost, looking for targets.

    He was reaching back to his left for his rifle when the sniper's round slammed into his helmet.

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    Excedrine Headache # 82!

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    I'm glad the helmet worked!
    I hope he gets a chance to return the favor; i doubt duder's turban would stop the bullet as effectively. :p
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    Wow, one lucky Marine all right! That's great to hear news like this.

    Bet the 'insurgent sniper' was pissed off :D

    And it's a Coalition-double :)


    A British soldier has survived being shot in the head by a Taliban sniper - after his helmet deflected the blast.

    Private Leon 'Willy' Wilson, 32, was knocked to the ground after the gun attack in Afghanistan.

    But the soldier from Manchester was uninjured as the round went right through the helmet and missed his head by 2mm

    British soldier survives bullet to the head |
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    On the surface, I am very happy that both of the good guys get a pass from Chiron and get another chance to get back in the fight.

    After some reflection, is anyone at all concerned that two of our soldiers where hit by Taliban soldiers, at distance, in the head? :eek:

    It's not as if the Dragunov, assuming they are using the Russian variant AK, is THAT accurate of a weapon at considerable distances.

    I do hope that news of these shots is circulated and the troops are reminded to keep their heads down.

    Stay Safe guys! God Bless all the Coalition Troops!