One is the One, Show Four the Door

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    We have two important initiatives that are going to the voters this fall.

    Both are important.

    One is the One (I-591)
    This has been sponsored by our Pro-Gun friends.

    Show Four the Door (I-594)
    We need to talk with friends, family and relatives.
    This initiative, if passed into law could make you or your family criminals.

    Although four is being sold as background checks, it means ANY gun tranfer would have to occur through a ffl licenced firearm dealer and amounts to registration.

    It would be illegal for your wife to buy you a gun.
    It would be illegal for you to give a gun to your kids.

    Estates would become illegal unless the government is involved.

    Say yes to I-591 (One is the One), and say no to I-594 (show four the door).

    Get working Patriots.