One guy gets it - Sanity vs Cecil

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by microadventure, Aug 1, 2015.

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    youtube poster gets it right

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    Ahhh..............the sheeple. God love em.
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    Great message that will fall on deaf ears.
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    Hear is a perfect example of those that are blind, week and so easily deceived who have voted for those who are literally attempting destroying America! They have millions scammed from their political game and are set for life. So why care about us!

    I read an article awhile ago about 450 sheep that fell to their deaths in Turkey. According to the article, one sheep jumped off a cliff, and then 1,500 others followed.

    Not only will sheep follow other sheep, but they also will follow goats. In fact, that is how some sheep come to be slaughtered. A "Judas goat" wearing a Bell is used to lead the sheep up a ramp to be slaughtered. They will get in line and actually follow the Judas goat to their deaths.
    Kind of reminds you of the recent rioters and looters to and including the entitlement group doesn't it! Micro! Good Video!
    God help us if "WE" do not change things in 2016.

    I do not know about Trump? But I will say one thing! He has the crooked political rodents running in all directions simply for saying what he thinks. And not at all afraid of their attempts to control him. When they have attacked him he has came back every time with a vengeance and ripped them! Honestly I like that since it has been years since we had a "Anyone" who had some Ba**s to speak his mind and not be manipulated with money or threats! And one the is in the best interest of the citizens of the United States. We need one! And if the scumbags every wave the magic wand or get the votes to turn the illegal aliens into US Citizens. Our votes will "Never Again" hold any wait or value! And that is exactly what the Obummer Administration and the Socialists in the Democratic Party as a whole wants! The Sheep who get the freebees will vote for the Judas Goats from then on in fear of loosing their freebees! Makes perfect sense if you think about it. This is serious for those who have not figured out their game plan yet!
    Let's Wake Up and see what they are attempting to do and go to the fight in 2016!;)

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    Even here on FTF only 5 posts????:anyone::anyone: