One Gun?

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  1. TLuker

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    Reading a previous thread got me to seriously thinking about gun choices for prepping. I’m set for bugging in, but bugging out is an entirely different matter. Having a vehicle allows for a few gun choices, but being on foot doesn’t. Despite having a variety of guns, I’m not sure that I have one that would be a really good choice if I only had one. There really isn’t a need to have one gun that is a “jack of all trades but master of none” when you have a variety of guns. Now I’m wondering what would be the best gun if I only had one.

    I know that topic has been covered in another thread and the majority seemed to lean toward a .22LR, .22 mag, or a .223. I was leaning in that direction as well because each could be used for small game even though a .223 is pushing it for small game. I assumed that my primary goal would be to acquire small game for food, but then I got to thinking about it. Since I’ve never been on foot in a SHTF situation I really have no idea what my primary need would be from a gun? My primary need could be anything such as self-defense from zombies or using the gun as a club if it malfunctioned. I also realized that there are other ways to get small game such as snares and traps. Trapping would probably be better anyway because traps are always on the job, they are quiet, and they don’t waste ammo.

    So, if you could only have one long gun, small game is not a concern, and you want the most versatile firearm possible what would it be?

    I really don’t have any idea what would be the best firearm in that situation?
  2. Birchhatchery

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    12 guage shotgun pump all around best weopon can take down birds to bear best self defense weopon also so many choices of ammo for it also bird shot to buckshot to slugs you name it a 12 guage can get the job done

  3. wjkuleck

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    I'll go with a scout rifle, e.g., the Ruger Gunsite Scout.


  4. texaswoodworker

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    I would go with what ever gun has common ammo. 12 ga, .22, .223, 30-06, 9mm, 45 acp, .357, ect. These are all common ammo and would be easier to find than something like .22 hornet, 16 ga, .338 Lapua, ect. If at all possible, I would try to carry 5-6 guns (1 shotgun, 2 rifles, 2-3 pistols).

    My choices would be a Remington 870 express 12 ga,

    Remington model 700 30-06,

    AR-15 .223,

    Colt 1911 .45 acp,

    Ruger vaquero .357 mag,

    and a Ruger single six hunter .22.

    These are all proven, reliable, and simple guns. The total weight is about 30.4 lbs but a lot of that can be taken off by modifying the stock and barrel. If I had to pic one, I would go with the 870 since it is a great all around weapon.
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  5. CA357

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    I'd take the Zombie Slayer and my Sistema 1911.
  6. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    For me a toss up between my 12 ga or Mark III. I could get by with either.

  7. TacticalPrecision

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    Having a family makes it a little easier for me if we have to leave, I can hand my 2 oldest my .22 rifles, and I can sling an AR and carry the 12gauge. Both have slings, but I'd like to get a more...tactically friendly sling for the 12 ga. so I can drop it and it'll sling to the left and leave my right side open to pull up the AR if I need to swap quickly.

    If you are looking into a new cheap .22 to keep around I just bought a 795 from Marlin, picked it up for 99 bucks was on sale- BEJEEZUS is that thing impressive. Super lightweight and very accurate even with a cheap tasco up top.
  8. sweeper22

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    You can't beat a 12g SG for versatility in hunting game of all sizes, survival, and defense. About the only downside is that it's not concealable and ammo may occupy substantial volume in your pack.

    And then you can throw a good 9mm or 22lr pistol on your hip or in a pack. Another interesting utility rifle is the KelTec Sub2000 in 9mm....which is super light and folds in half to easily fit into any backpack.
  9. Firearms4ever

    Firearms4ever New Member

    Like others have previously stated, a 12 guage. More specifically a Mossberg 590A1 9 shot model. As far as handguns go I would have two my Springfield 1911A1 and a Ruger SR9c.
  10. Birchhatchery

    Birchhatchery New Member

    me i got a older 70s mossberg 500 A 2 barrels one short one long barrel
  11. Caoimhin

    Caoimhin New Member

    I always think my single gun I would want would be an old H&R O/U. On top it was 12ga and on bottom it was 30.06. Dumb me I sold that gun in the late 70's. Got it at K-Mart in 1971 for $68 new.
  12. oneshot

    oneshot New Member

    My mini 14 would be the one I carried on slung on my shoulder.
  13. Trez

    Trez Well-Known Member

    Long gun: SKS
    Sidearm: Medusa
  14. EagleSix

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    I would prefer to carry 2 guns (maybe 3 depending on the mission) and several knives, in what I perceive to be a SHTF situation, on foot.

    However, if I had no guns and was acquiring my first, it would be a pistol. If time and money allowed me the option to obtain a second gun, it would then be either a center fire carbine/rifle or a 12 gauge shotgun.....I personally prefer a center fire carbine or rifle. Before getting that 2nd gun I would get some training with the pistol, and after acquiring that carbine/rifle/shotgun, I would also get some training with it. Before I acquired any guns, I would get a quality knife, and before the quality knife I would get a pair of durable and comfortable boots and several pair of socks!!
  15. SmithKid308

    SmithKid308 New Member

    My custom mossberg 500 and a 22lr maybe my buckmark


    CTD sells brass .223 cases that can receive a .22 caliber pellet, all you have to do is replace the primer each time, and VOILA! i guess it's that easy to "prime," don't know.

    as for the "ammo," it'd be as easy as carrying a 50 count can of .22 caliber pellets, and primers............50 shots for 50 squirrels/rabbits, chipmunks, etc, etc.
  17. unclebear

    unclebear New Member

    The only 12 gauge that I have near me is a single barrel break action, due to lake of choices I will be grabbing my Mosin Nagant along with the 4 belts of 7.62X54R I have, my model 66 357 mag and the all my ammo I have for that, along with my bug bag.

    It really all comes down to what I have, I'm working on getting a Rem 870, but I only have what I have at the time of SHTF situation.
  18. rcam1977

    rcam1977 New Member

    one gun

    if for some reason i had to take up une gun i would probably choose the henry survival rifle .22, for its convenience and versatility. on top of that i have an abundance of .22 ammo.:D