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  1. Glockpotion23

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    Here is the question, I keep reading about how nice these sigs are but, two things are keeping me away from them. One is the price(which no longer is a problem since I here some are reasonable) and two is that no one ever carries one for ccw? I keep hearing their too big and heavy for cc. Im all for home defense but I choose to have the option to carry too. Are there any sig cc folk out here and if so, which one is good for that? is the p250 polymer?
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    I've carried a few Sigs full size and compact. The weight thing is usually from fan boys that can't stand it when you carry anything other than their flavor of firearm. I'm packing around a Sig 938 at the moment and there is no way anyone can call that thing heavy. It's the size of a Bersa 380 for crying out loud;) The 229 is a double stack alloy frame that conceals easily. There are others and some poly frame models. It pays to do your own research and find the truth.

    A simple truth is there are several styles of Sig Sauer to choose form depending on their niche they are looking to fill.

    At the end of the day I have yet to meet a Sig Sauer that didn't hold up to their To Hell And Back Reliability. Are the best gun ever? I don't think so but they are pretty nice. I think the P series especially is an ideal carry weapon in their design. It's no 1911 :D But they are good pistols.

  3. bigbomar4

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    The little 938 on my hip is the first SIG that I've ever owned and I love it. From what I can tell they have a gun to fit just about any need.
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    I'm also a daily 938 carrier. Light enough to wear with running shorts and a light t-shirt in the summer iwb holster of course, but I love it.
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    I carry one every day on the farm.Use it for shooting snakes and other troublesome animals as well as protection . Shooting the p938 is like shooting a 1911. Great gun. I've shot several rounds of cheap ammunition and no miss fires or jams. And with a iwb holster I forget its there it's so light .
  6. TekGreg

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    Older style sigs (P226) run a little on the big/heavy side. My favorite all-time pistol is a Belgian-made Browning Hi-Power, but Sig P226 is #2. The only difference is I hit like a mafia hitman with the Browning at distance, and the Sig only marginally less so. Great quality for the price, and if you are a big person, you may not notice a little extra carry weight. The benefit to carrying Sig is that I have fired very few that wouldn't feed everything stuffed in the magazine, even when ammo was mixed - they eat everything!
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    My wife has a 290rs and other than a long trigger pull it is a good light carry pistol.
  8. JonM

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    Carried a p220 for years ccw in texas. Fantastic gun love the 220 still have it will never sell it. But i like the colt new agent xdm compact and berreta inox compact better for ccw purposes.

    Main reason i dont have a newer sig is their grip redesign on the p series. They just arent comfy and feel like a glock. Whomever decided to muck with the sig grip need to be keel hauled
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    I'm 5'10 155lbs. My normal cc favorite is my Glock 20 (full size 10mm). The loaded weight is just a smidge higher than the Sig P229 I used to carry. The weight didn't bother me (with either), but I also prefer that the weight let's me know that it's there, rather than having to have to put my hand on it to make sure.

    As far as which Sig model is good for cc, that really depends on you. Whatever your specs are for any cc firearm, apply them here. Regardless of what we say, it's all up to you.
  10. SigArmored

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    I suggest going to Sig's website you can get a look at everything they make.They have a pistol for every type of carry.I have a P226 definitely not a carry piece for me and the way I carry.But I didn't buy it for my ccw I bought it for home defense and it's versatility in the way of being able to swap out barrels.However I do carry on occasion with it in a Don Hume owb when and if it gets cold enough to wear a jacket around here.I have shot quite a few pistols in my time I am by no means an expert in firearms but I have a reasonable knowledge of them and I have to say that the money I spent on my 226 was money well spent.
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