One Damn close call

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    Sarge has had many close calls and times when he survived by luck not skill. But that was in the Army. As a civilian only the rush hour traffic makes him worry about his continued life.
    Here is something that happened to Sarge and Lt. Linda just a couple of days ago.

    We, Lt. Linda and I, were on our way to enjoy a lunch together and instead of going by the freeway ,which is frequently very busy and crowded at lunch time I decided to go by the back residental streets. We were in no hurry. About a couple of blocks from our house is a dip in the steet. I guess for rain water runoff but you best slow down for it as it is deep. So I did. And when we bounced back up from the dip Linda said "What is that noise?" Well after 24 yrs in the Army and guns and bombs and cannons, I don't hear any noise unless it walks right up and smacks me in the face. A little further on she said "There it is again." Well that time I could hear a grinding sound so I pulled over and checked for loose bolts and anything that looked broken. Nothing, so I started up again and the front tire on Linda's side let out a loud SKREECH! I did a very slow U-Turn and headed back home. Saturday when I got a chance to put the car in the drive and up on blocks I took the right front wheel off and the brake calipers and rotor. The rotor had a real bad grinding mark on the outside. As I looked at the pads to see what caused that, some pieces of metal fell to the driveway next to my leg. Looking further I saw the axle shaft protruding and the bearing all busted and dribbling out. I just sat there for a few minutes shaking. If we had taken the freeway and running at 65 or 70 mph instead of the 20 mph we were doing on the residental streets, we would have lost our lives in an instant. When a axle on the front wheels breaks, the car usually takes a nose dive and then either goes in the ditch or fiips over on its top when the undercarraige hits the pavement. Thank you Lord you must have something else for us to do.

    Sarge and Lt. Linda
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    Many years ago I had a similar experience. I used to drive a '77 Mercury Cougar back in the late 80s and was on my way to visit a lady friend one evening.

    I had been on the Interstate, driving 55 - 60 mph for about 20 minutes, then got off and entered the subdivision where she lived. So, I was now going about 15 mph, when all of a sudden the front-right corner of my car just dips and metal crunching sounds and I come to an immediate halt. Get out and walk around to see my front wheel slanted inward at about a 60 degree angle.

    The ball joint on that wheel had broken...had to phone a flat bed and have it towed home. The next day my father and I changed the ball joint. I counted my blessings on that one, shuddering at the thought of that wheel breaking 5 minutes earlier when I was at 60mph.

    Thank you Jesus !


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    I'm glad you all are safe. God does watch over us, doesn't He?
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    Very Close Calls

    sarge_257; Swampbilly; wow weee. dang that was very close.

    winds-of-change: Says it best:)
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    Had a similar expierience in an F-150. Tie rod broke on construction site just prior to getting on freeway. Scary.
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    damn close

    When I was in the Police Academy we had to learn how to investigate and preserve evidence. We had videos of accidents but our Director didn't think that a video could show us much more than a play acting movie. So he had a bus take us all down to a local junk yard and there we saw the actual cars, trucks etc that were involved in the accidents. Each accident was real and we read the police report on it as we stood there in front of the torn and smashed car. Some of them still showing blood pools and smears. The smell was terrible and a couple of the rookies lost their lunch. My Dad, who was a cop, told me to carry a jar of Vicks Vapor rub in my patrol car, and I sure could see the wisdom of his statement. All those cars that I saw during the Academy came flooding back into my mind as I stared at the busted up axle of my Explorer.