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  1. Polygon

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    Forgive me if this is a repost. It's a video of a LEO approaching someone who is open carrying. What an awesome LEO. I have to say that the guy was kinda' being a dick.

    One good cop. [VIDEO]
  2. Sniper03

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    That certainly was one great officer and his demeanour was unbelievably kind and professional. In most states if they had a reason to stop this guy he could have been charged with failure to identify and booked as John Doe until he was in front of a judge who would ask him one time to identify. I like you thought the pedestrian was a dick. And I'll bet he was not Marine or at least not one worth a S---t. Good Marines would not conduct themselves in such a manor and especially toward a fellow Marine. I'll bet if he was a Marine he does not have an Honorable Discharge! He was just trying to set the officer up in my opinion, but met someone that was a lot more intelligent than he was. I would have pushed the permit issue to get his ID. It's idiots like him that has no business carrying a weapon or even having a permit.


  3. TheDaggle

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    Agree with everything said above, dude was a bit of a douche, cool cop squashed his agenda. What I wonder is, since he failed to get the reaction he seems to be trying to elicit, why'd he bother posting the video of himself acting like a tool? :rolleyes:
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    Cause the tool is so self-deluded by his crusade, that he doesn't even realize that he comes off as a tool in the video.

    I'm sorry, I'm all for open carry, but I've yet to see one of these open carry advocate videos where then OC guy isn't a complete tool. It's like they all went to the same "How to video your open carry encounter with the police" seminar.

    Oh, and great cop. We need more of these vids!
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    To start the office was great. The guy was a jerk and as state before was looking for a different interaction with the the officer. Not sure where you live, but all the places I have ever lived ( 6 different states) all require some type of ID to be on your person when in public. I am sure most states and local municipalities have some type of law on thier books. I think the officer didn't want to push the issue because he knew this guys motive was to get a police "abuse" video.

    Good to see some positive videos.


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    Why is it they all ways bring up [ Oh I'm a Marine or I was in the Marines ] There are cops that will arrest your smart *** for missinformation, The other video cop would have probably shot this guy. Good cop, bad cop, You have a 50 / 50 chance of being pulled over by either......:)
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    The CHL guy should have opened his pie-hole and identified such. He was in fact following the officers orders and again could have easily spoken to the officer in the car. The officer is reacting from fear which does not make him weak- some goblins simply shoot cops, and he could have an anger issue. He would certainly benefit from some one on one time with a therapist. Wow-Good Luck OH.
  8. Davo45

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    I believe the officer should have pressed the guy for his ID otherwise how does he know whether the guy is able to legally own a gun? I probably wouldn't have arrested the guy in his place, but he wouldn't be getting his pistol back until he'd proven to me who he was and I verified that he didn't have a felony on his record.

    I don't know where this notion came from that you don't have to give your ID or correct name & date of birth to a LEO when they ask? The US Supreme Court opined that LEOs had every right to ask for ID of anyone they had a legal right to conduct a Terry Stop on which is what the officer did here(can't remember the case name right off). The officer clearly had a legal right to check the guy out, as he said he has a duty to ensure public safety and the guy agreed.

    My agency issues digital voice recorders as well as miniature video recorders to all of us. If we're complained on after a traffic stop, domestic violence/dispute call, etc.
  9. Johnnyb

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    Lol, totally not what the guy was looking for, Nice!
  10. ElGuapo

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    That's one nice, intelligent cop!!
  11. Thadeuce

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    All I can say is, that wouldn't have happened here in GA. Your refusal to cooperate with the police here is your INSISTENCE on getting extra jewelry of the silver bracelet variety. I thought cops like that only existed in TV shows. I have all the respect for cops but have never even heard of one that nice.
  12. Polygon

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    Damn you Tango!!!!

  13. Double_tap

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    Two thumbs up for the Officer here, as for the guy who was stopped, as a Marine myself I am disgusted with his smart azz attidude but there is always that 10% in the Corps and this guy was apart of the 10% sh** bag group.