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Once again a CHL defends himself.

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He was just getting his life turned around when some racist bitterly clinging to god and guns prevented his full recovery. Its a true shame.
Now his momma will sue the victims because sonny-boy's robberies were supporting her and her 11 illegitimate chillen.
I wish he would have gotten all three of em!
The shooter needs a bigger gun. My choice would be a 1911 A1, stops em every time. U shoot a man with a 45 caliber automatic and he stays shot. 9mm is kaka.
38 is kaka, 44 mag only so so. Several years ago about 30 or so now a US Marine went nuts at Camp Pendleton in the dispensary. He shot the place up with an M16. I do believe he killed a few folks.
When the MPes arrived one of the young lads drew his 45 and shot the crazy marine killing him. The Marine MP was put on report, not for killing the shooter but for missing the first shot. I had the duty at Portsmouth Naval Hospital one night while I was in training to be an OR tech. We got a sailor in about 2200 hours. His old lady had caught him schacked up at the Red Lion Inn and shot him 6 times with a 38 special at a distance of about 3 feet. She did not miss once. When we put the patient on the table U could see 5 slugs under the skin around the rib cage. They had entered the body and just sort of spun around the thorax not penetrating. One slug clipped his liver and severed his spine. He died 6 months or so later of pneumonia from being on the bird machine and being a paraplegic. When we put him on the table for his first surgery after the shooting, he was still talking, I made up my mind then and there that a 38 special was kaka.
Cheers & Tighter Groups: Eaglesnester
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