On Target Range, Crystal Lake IL

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    (I also posted this in "Range Report" under General Topics)

    On Target Range, Crystal Lake IL

    A nice new place! Built from the ground up to be a gun range, "pro shop" / gun shop, and training facility.

    They have two ranges, one for handgun (25M), one for rifle (50M). The rifle range has lower benchtops and stools for zeroing your optics.

    They do not allow steel-core ammo (Bear, Wolf, Tula, some Herter's .... some others - if it's magnetic, you can't use it). The concern is screwing up their traps. They do check before allowing you into the range.

    Both ranges have a pretty good selection of rental guns.

    They have ten-packs of range passes, offering a modest discount, and a membership program that's good for ~ half price range fees and a discount of retail merchandise.

    Website: http://www.ontargetsite.com/

    I'm not sure the address listed is correct: my GPS took me to a residential neighborhood about five miles away. The place is located at the North end of Knaack Rd from 176. When I did a "Mark This Spot" on the GPS (after I found it), it comes up as "Bull Valley."

    Other local news:

    GAT (Carpenterville, IL ---Correction: West Dundee, IL) is expanding their ranges with new construction, to include a couple 12 position 50M rifle ranges in addition to more 25M handgun ranges. The plans posted inside the front door say it's scheduled for completion by second quarter of 2013.


    Maxon Gun Store and Range (Arlington Heights, --- Correction: Currently Des Plaines, moving to another location in DesPlaines) was approved by the City Council to begin building their new facility, still in Des Plaines, IL (I think). Also new handgun and rifle ranges.
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    Hmmm..........I'm not too far from Crystal Lake. I'll have to check this place out.

    GAT Guns is in West Dundee, not Carpentersville. I go there all the time. It's a very nice range/gun shop. I bought my last fun from them.

    My Dad lives in Arlington Heights and I visit him often. I might have to check that place out. I haven't lived in Arlington Heights myself for a good 30 years so I had no idea that place was there.

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    I guess I'm location challenged ... Maxon is currently in Des Plaines, moving to DesPlaines, and I shoot at GAT all the time, I knew it was West Dundee, but brain farted, I guess.

    Maxon is the first East-bound turn/driveway South of Golf Rd on Rand. It's on the same property with a truck/bus repair shop. It's all the way on the South end of the parking lot.

    Thanks for the correction.
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    ON TARGET is a great place to shoot. I've been there a few times and love it. I also go to JP shooting range in McHenry, its a small range but it does the trick when you want to empty a few mags down range.