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  1. scottmac

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    A nice new place! Built from the ground up to be a gun range, "pro shop" / gun shop, and training facility.

    They have two ranges, one for handgun (25M), one for rifle (50M). The rifle range has lower benchtops and stools for zeroing your optics.

    They do not allow steel-core ammo (Bear, Wolf, Tula, some Herter's .... some others - if it's magnetic, you can't use it). The concern is screwing up their traps. They do check before allowing you into the range.

    Both ranges have a pretty good selection of rental guns.

    They have ten-packs of range passes, offering a modest discount, and a membership program that's good for ~ half price range fees and a discount of retail merchandise.

    Website: http://www.ontargetsite.com/

    I'm not sure the address listed is correct: my GPS took me to a residential neighborhood about five miles away. The place is located at the North end of Knaack Rd from 176. When I did a "Mark This Spot" on the GPS (after I found it), it comes up as "Bull Valley."

    Other local news:

    GAT (Correction: West Dundee not Carpenterville, IL) is expanding their ranges with new construction, to include a couple 12 position 50M rifle ranges in addition to more 25M handgun ranges. The plans posted inside the front door say it's scheduled for completion by second quarter of 2013.


    Maxon Gun Store and Range (Correction: DesPlaines) was approved to begin building their new facility in (Correction: DesPlaines, not Arlington Heights), IL . Also new handgun and rifle ranges.
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  2. JackofTrades

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    I've gone there (just got back from there today). I like the range, its really nice, that being the newest in the area, and I only live like 10 min away from it. but on the downside it is the most expensive range in the area. The price for their targets is outrageous ($1+ per target). Their ammo is also ridiculously priced. For a box of 100rd .22LR they charge like $8-10.

    I like the place but some of the things they have asked me to do are just plain stupid. For example one time me and my step father went there and brought 4 handguns with us (.44 mag, .357 mag, .22LR, and .45). We were in the range shooting and my stepfather has the .44 and the .357 on his lane, and I want to shoot the .357 so I go over and pick up the gun safely (cylinder is out, to show it is unloaded, and finger isn't even near the trigger, gun is pointed down range never flagged anyone) and they say we should just switch lanes instead. Made no sense and was kind of annoying.

    So basically the only time I go there is when I want to shoot the rifles because they have the longest range. For handguns I recommend going to Gat Guns or HP Shooting Center. HP may not be the nicest but it is the most affordable.

  3. AlphaKoncepts

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    I'll be heading there to Ontarget on the 20th. I'm interested in their 150' rifle range. Shooting AR at 25 yards is a waste of ammo, but sometimes you get the itch! Even 150' is a waste but I don't feel like going to Bristol. I'm also going to see if I can keep my 9mm consistent grouped at 15' as well.

    Article II is closer, but I want to give all ranges a try at least once. I'll post some opinions and ammo/target prices after I check it out.

    Maxon's is building a new range and should be finished any day now, if it's done before the 20th, I may go there instead. Shore Galleries should also be building a new range soon.
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    GAT opens their new ranges (and is a Grand Re-Opening Event as well) on March 23-24, 2013.

    I've heard comments that the new ranges are booked solid for the first month ... haven't seen anything official though.

    14 New lanes @50 Yards, 14 New Lanes @ 75 yards, and three classrooms that share a 40' training range (training only), in addition to their existing ranges (3x25 yard pistol ranges).

    Should be a Good Thing
  5. KJG67

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    Anyone go to Gat today? I was thinking about going to see Sig's p227 but figured it would be a madhouse opening the new range and having the manufactures shoot.

    Besides Bristol, which I haven't heard great things about, is there any decent outdoor rifle range in the NE Illinois area?
  6. scottmac

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    I went to the opening, it was great!

    The new ranges are sweet!

    They also had pallets of the various ammunition, including bricks of .22. Ammo sales were limited to 2 boxes per caliber per person per day.
  7. winds-of-change

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    Do you remember any prices on the ammo? I'm going to have to make it to GAT soon.
  8. scottmac

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    I don't remember and I already tossed the receipt. I believe they were normal-to-a-little high, but the lines were long.

    They basically put a skid of each in the middle of the main floor. There were several flavors of each kind, different weights, manufacturers, etc.

    Regardless, go see the new place, get a tour, play some raffles, see some of the new arms ...