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    I attended a .22 silhouette match this weekend and thankfully I won this match using a 30 year old marlin my dad gave me and some cheap federal ammo. Just to show that you don't always need the big expensive weapons to be a great shot. I'm blessed that southern Mississippi lets this match. It happens to be at the dcm range in Pascagoula, MS. I have been shooting this match since I was 12 years old and love that people have to drive to continue to run the match . The sad thing is next month I will not be attending this match because of running out of .22 ammo. This country has gone down hill here I am an AFG vet and I can't enjoy a friendly match. It's all do to the media blowing things up and causing a panic when there is no need to.
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    What other matches and things do they do at dcm? My uncle shoots there some times. I have never been tho.