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    I have an old Winchester model 24 side by side shotgun in 12 gauge. There are spots of rust on maybe 10% of the barrel and something sounds loose inside the forearm. Is this gun even safe to shoot?
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    No one can tell you if it is safe to shoot with only the post you made. It would take an in-hand look at the gun. Surface rust won't make it unsafe. Take the forearm off to see what's rattling. Take it out and shoot it with light trap loads.
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    Crystal ball is in the shop again for a front end alignment. Your shotgun was made between 1939 and 1957, so while old, it is well within the period for modern ammo (avoid steel shot).

    As said, we cannot diagnose anything at long range. Light exterior rust- light oil (Kroil is best, but use what you can) clean coarse cloth, wet with oil, let soak a couple of hours, then rub with clean cloth.

    If you have doubts about safety, have a smith take a look. Be sure that you are using correct length shell- unless it is marked 3 inch, do NOT try to shoot 3 inch shells (even if they DO fit)

    Depending on condition, that can be a $500 and up shotgun, but since you let it rust I can send you $50 and a shipping label.....:p
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    Before shooting it, you may want to try "the pencil trick" to see if the firing pins are working (use wooden dowels).

    If a firing ping is broke, it could be rolling around in the action area.
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    I'm sure the comment about 3 inch (and even 3 1/2) shells is general info..NO
    Model 24 12 ga will shoot anything other than 2 3/4 shells...

    A Hands on look will be the best way for someone to help with your "rattle" problem. Post your location and maybe someone close can help,...
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    DR- you are correct- standard warning. We have folks that drop a 3 inch shell into a gun NOT marked because it was pre-magnum, and figure that if an unfired shell fits, it must be OK.