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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by snuffy, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. snuffy

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    I went to an estate auction, they were selling about 15 guns(most went too high for my budget)except for this old WF 12ga pump. The fellow had wrapped camo duct tape on stock and fore-stock piece,yuck.
    I talked to the brother of the guy that had died and he said his brother had bought it new in the sixties and hunted deer, turkey and squirrel with it.
    It was very dirty, I mean very! I tore it down and really cleaned it, the barrel looks great now and it racks a lot better. I know it's a low-end shotgun, but I only paid $70 bucks for it.
    My question is: is it worth maybe re-blueing,re-finishing the stock or should I make a home defense weapon out of it? I think Monkey Wards sold this model made by Mossberg mod#M550ABD.
    By the way: great forum

  2. SabreArms

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    Damn I do not even see it in the gun bible for value. M suggestion is that you do what you want to it to improve the value to yourself?? I refinished a junker just to prove that I could do it. Even though it is still a junker and not worth anything I still think it is cool :)

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    I have one those guns and the usual price is 50-250 with a blue moon acception a guy sold one for 600 but it was hand carved (beautiful)
  4. Hawg

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    If it's worth it to you then go for it. If you're hoping to increase value don't waste your time.
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    Wow :eek:, An estate auction with guns! That is something you just don't see in California. Heck, I would of snapped it up, just because I could.

    I'd clean it, check it for safety issues, and shoot it with a smile. You would pay $70.00 on a dinner for two at a nice restaurant and have nothing but gas to remind you of the meal. :rolleyes:
  6. willie47

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    I bought a Western Field bolt action at our local flea market for $125 a few weeks ago, and just to potentially make myself feel like an idiot, I looked up the price in the Blue Book of Gun Values and found that the Mossburg model (that the Western Field (sold by Montgomery Ward) actually is) is worth about $125 but to knock off 10-15% if it's a Western Field. So I paid 15% extra -- not so bad.

    As far as refurbishing is concerned, you may not increase the value, but you certainly shouldn't decrease it. I have a couple of old guns (LC Smith dbl bbl; Winchester 1892) that could use refinishing, but to do so would decrease their values.
  7. YJGUY

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    I wouldn't say you paid too much. If you factor in tax and registration fees you saved, it all comes out even.
  8. ScottG

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    Aw you guys!!!! You resurrected a two year old thread.... wait til Cane or BKT finds out..... :D
  9. Rex in OTZ

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    Westernfield Mfg's

    Westernfield had several differnt Mfg of ther guns according to my old Numrich gunparts catalog they were made by Noble,Marlin,Stevens/Savage-Fox,Mossberg,Mauser,Colt,IverJohnson,Remington
    The westernfield modelSB312 was a Savage-Fox model BDL
    Westernfield Model 536 was the Mossberg model 500