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    OK, OK, before you guys jump me, I know theres a dozen threads on becoming a gunsmith, but none answered my question, I dont want to be just "A" gunsmith..
    My passion is for the old stuff, I could care less about the modern AR's and "plastic" guns. Besides just about every shop in will fix or customize that AR, 1911, or modern sporting rifle, but not a single one will even touch my 100 yr. old ones, sheesh, I had to practically beg one gunsmith just to re-tap the holes for the scope mount on my 1930's Winchester .22.. :confused:

    So, instead of being a source of frustration, Ive been thinking of it as inspiration.. Why dont I become the guy who fixes the old stuff?

    I already know I want to do some kind of metal smithing.. I was a sawsmith, made all sorts of cutting tools (mostly outta carbide) and loved it..
    Is there any classes I could take that indirectly relate to the field? (Like at the local community collage?) Theres a blacksmithing/ begining Bladesmithing class that ive been wanting to take..
    I figure im not the only one who has old guns that need fixed.. And it would be something I would be interested in getting into, even if it was on the side and I had to have a "real" job...

    I seen someone listed a school in AZ, but I would like to save a bit of money and learn a skill I know will "pay the bills"...
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    Not really to much a school can teach you about "fixing the old ones". Making and/or fitting new parts is almost all hand work. One book that comes to mind is "Gunsmithing guns of the old west"(which would help you alot with that lemon squeezer). I have more than 4 dozen books on gunsmithing, each one taught me something and I go back to look at articles often. I am currently working on a S&W model 1 third issue(made in the 1870's).

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    If your looking to do work on black powder stuff I would recommend "gunsmithing tips and projects" by Wolfe if you can get your hands on it you'll learn a lot. The main reason guys tend to stay away from the older stuff is it's usually not worth the time and money to reproduce parts for the guns. You could also open yourself up to bs lawsuits because you did work on an irreplaceable gun. Also a lot of guys really don't know a lot about black powder. I do get quite a few bp jobs from pulling stuck balls to cleaning up guns some dope took out and shot then didn't clean and refinishing and repairing. I'll tell you know though I get a lot of loaded guns brought to me.

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