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    Ok guys I am back again with another gun that I need to find some info on. All I have is it says The Centinial Twist steel barel 1833.
    then at the end of the stock it has the number 801 stamped into it.
    On the piece of metal the forarm locks into it has the number 13 stamped in it .
    On the barrel there is a number 6 then it says Pat. July 20, 1820
    and the serial number 22389
    It is a 12 ga side by side long barrel with the old rabbit ear hammers.
    I do have a couple pics I am going to try and load. Some one told me it could of been imported but I have no clue it belong to my great grandfather so I know it is old.
    There is also a picture engraved on the stock it is a man with a dog there is a bird laying next to the dog a a gun proped up against a tree I am trying to get a good enought pic of that to put up if I do I will post it later

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    Nice old shotty but that's all I can tell you.

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    well, it is later than 1820s mfg. The 12 g shell was created in the 1860s (before that, muzzleloaders).

    Twist steel indicates a black powder shotgun, so likely prior to 1898. Do not recognize the name, but many of these WERE made in Belgium. Or at least barrels made there, assembled here.

    Remove the forearm, take barrels off, look at the water table for marks. Use slanted lighting- hard to see.

    Nice shotgun!