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    Frankly, I like very much to Acquire One of the rifles that appear in the World War II films and other films of that time ..
    I like because it is large and heavy and beautiful, and heavy caliber ...
    In addition to the ammunition rare ...
    I like the old weapons, a lot ... But unfortunately do not have the information ...
    Please tell me where I can Buy one of them and what is the name of the thing
    i need any information on the subject & photos if possibe
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    Well which one are you looking at? The 50/70 Americas first cartridge used by the military issued in the Springfield trap door.

    Then we went to the 45/70 which was also issued in the Springfield trap door.

    Then we had the odd looking but so advanced for its day Kreg rifle with its 5 round side load magazine this was chambered in 30/40 kreg.

    The 1903 a3 Springfield will be harder to come by and will cost more than most others.

    The 1917 Remington enfield is a great choice but is becoming harder to find. This is a big and I mean big *** action that is built like an ox on roids.

    The M1 Garand (Said Ga rnad NOT grand) is the first semiauto used by the USA in combat and is a great looking and shooting firearm. They again are not CHEAP, you can get modern versions of the M1 called the m1a or m14 these are slightly different. Then we move to the AR-15 which is still in use today.

    There are also a bunch of mil-surp from other countries. Like the K-98, 1944 Mosin-nagant , K31 swiss Possibly the finest example of swiss firearm engineering every produced. there are also many other.
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    You need to establish what your budget is. If I buy a rifle in a new caliber, I also buy ammo for it. You can get a Soviet 91/30 and a can of 440 rounds of ammo for under $250.00, German K98k(Russian capture) and a 340rnd tin of ammo for $400.00, British MKIII or No4 Enfield, $350.00, ammo is hard to find.
    There are other options. You can buy a real nice post WW2 yugo 24/47 Mauser for under $250.00 before ammo. There are so many options.
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    dont forget the M1 carbine. it may be light and small but it is hella fun to shoot.
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    Any particular country of origin you are interested in?

    Here are a few from the US:

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    Now, Highpower, that is one fine set of good looking weapons you have acquired. Good work man!!!!!!!
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    I think the Russian Mosin Nagant is a good place to start. Probably the most durable WWII Bolt action. Not the most accurate but is very powerful and is extremely cheap. I bought mine for $95 never shot before (besides test fire). Its a 1944 carbine in great shape.
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    Grassy ash amigo. ;)

    That is about 1/3 of my US rifles. I have an equal investment in "foreign" arms as well. Those "old rifles" can be addictive to say the least. And having a C&R license is a bad thing for an addict.

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