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Does it have a lever on the left hand side of the receiver that allows the bolt to strip a round off the magazine in one position?
If so it is probably a Smith Corona M1903A3.

For your information:



MODEL 1903A3

(serial number)

These Smith-Corona rifles were also fitted with barrels made by the High Standard company and had four grooves.

The L.C. Smith-Corona Typewriters company made 1903A3's between October 1942 through February 1944. They made approximately 234,500 with the rifle serial numbers falling between the following blocks: 3,608,000 through 3,707,999 and 4,708,000 through 4,992,000. Smith-Corona Rifle production was stopped around 4,845,831. Because the Smith-Corona numbers were fewer, the current values of these rifles tends to be a little higher than the Remington's.
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