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    I received this old riffle and I clean it to expose it. I don't as much on the riffle: can someone give me model, mechanics, value for this gun?

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    Thank you for your effort.
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    First, please do NOT clean anything more! Cleaning can sharply reduce the value of a collectible firearm.

    Vi preghiamo di non pulire il fucile. Questo sarà ridurre notevolmente il valore di un possibile raccogliere un'arma da fuoco.

    This is possibly a shotgun. Can you tell the approximate inside diameter of the barrel? It is, of course, a flintlock, and would likely date from the late 1700s to early 1800s.

    Craftsmen in Italy have been making guns for over 500 years (Beretta is the oldest operating gun maker in the world). As far as the mechanics, a measured amount of black powder of poured down the barrel, a ball or charge of lead shot is placed on a cloth patch, and rammed down with the ramrod. A small charge of powder is placed in the priming pan. The hammer will hold a small bit of flint rock, wrapped in leather grip it snugly. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer swings down, scrapping the flint against the pan cover, known as a frizzen. This shaves a shower of sparks into the priming powder, and the flame passes through a tiny hole in the side of the barrel, igniting powder inside the barrel.

    Your gun is older the concept of models- most were hand made one at a time to the specifications of the customer. Markings on the barrel and on the Lock will be the best clues to the maker. This will really need a hands on appraisal from a person that is expert in antique firearms.

    If you do not know how to do so, have a gunsmith check your gun to be certain it is not loaded. It is not uncommon to find muzzleloading guns that have been loaded for 100 years of more.

    Very pretty- but PLEASE stop cleaning!

    PS- I forgot my manners- welcome to the forum- when you get a moment, please stop by the introduction section and say hello.

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    Hi thank you for the reply. Actually I haven't done the clean by myself, but my father in law that is an hunter. Hopefully he has done a good job. :)

    Thank you for your explanation.