Old Revolver - "Revolvers Dreadnought" - "Azul" - Anyone familiar?

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    Greetings, all! I recently acquired an old revolver from my aunt that previously belonged to my now deceased grandfather. It has "Revolvers Dreadnought" on top of the barrel, with some dates below that which are fairly unreadable. On the left side, above the grip and behind the cylinder is "Azul" and "Trademark." It is a 6-shot .38. Is anyone familiar with this piece? I haven't had much luck on the old 'net. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    That is a Spanish S&W copy, i belive it is of this maker or a very close one. below is a link to the page.

    Site Info.

    The Orbea was a range of Spanish revolvers produced between 1925 and 1935. The Orbea revolvers were produced in various calibres: .22 Long Rifle, .32-30, 8 mm French Ordnance, 5.56 mm VeloDog and .38 Special, and with various barrel lengths including 122 mm, and with a 6-chamber cylinder

    Link: Pistols and Revolvers (O)

    Im sure you can take it from here.:)

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    Your pistol was made by the well known Eibar arms company in Spain. I believe they still make weapons. AZUL is a brand name they used, but I am not sure about the time span. It is a copy of a S&W Military and Police.

    AZUL-Arostegui Eulogio, Eibar,Spain
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    I have one of that

    I have one of this revolvers. The one i have is perfectly readable and its says maid in 1904. Someone knoes how much is it?