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    I just love nostalgia. Have a few older loading manuals from Speer and Hornady and some loading data that my ole man used way back in the late 1950's. Worked up a 270 win load that my dad used in his remington pump. Found that data in my 1965 Hornady manual. Load was very accurate fired from a Savage 110. Don't want to list it due to liability issues, besides what works for my rifle may not work for yours. My question then is... Are the new load manuals and data nowadays somewhat watered down? Been using Hornady and Speer manuals dated from 1966 to 1973 using IMR powders with excellent results. Is this a bad idea?

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    *caveat: A careful handloader will have no problem, but some of the powder formulations have changed over the years so err on the side of caution.

    Some of my most enjoyable range trips in the 1990's involved hot Elmer Keith loads (.45-70 in an 1895 Marlin) that were published in the 60's. w00t!

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    when i started around 2000 i picked up a few old manuals off e-bay and garage sales. comparing that data to newer data is spooky. not to mention a lot of powders available then is no longer manufactured. even powders with the same name may be a different formulation from then and now. i do believe modern loads may be "watered" down but Im unwilling to experiment with my hands,face, and eyes as the deciding factors. if you need a bigger round get a bigger gun.