Old H&A .32 revolver - repairs? Information

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    I have an old H&A .32 5 shot revolver

    Double Action No. 6
    Hopkins & Allen Arms Co.
    Norwich, Conn. U.S.A.

    It's silver with a black plastic grip. Has a 2" octagonal barrel. Looks like a serial number 4491 on underside of grip.
    Can anyone date this piece and guess approx. value?

    2nd question about repairs.
    The ratchet? part on the cylinder is worn. The tips of the catches are worn so that the cylinder and barrel don't line up and so it shaves lead when fired.
    Can that cylinder be repaired or would it need to be replaced?
    I can't tell if the cylinder is all one piece or if the stops are on a smaller piece that is fit inside the cylinder

    Otherwise there looks to be nothing wrong with the pistol.

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    The Hopkins and Allen company was founded in 1868 by S. S. Hopkins, C. W. Hopkins and C. H. Allen. The company experienced financial difficulties and in 1898 was reorganized as the Hopkins & Allen Arms Co. A fire in 1900 hurt them and in 1901, they were forced to merged with the Forehand Arms Company. The manufacture o f Hopkins and Allen firearms ceased in 1917 when the plant was taken over by Marlin-Rockwell Corporation for the war time production of Browning automatic rifle components. Hopkins and Allen was well known for the many models of inexpensive revolvers and shotguns.

    All Hopkins & Allen Arms Co revolvers manufactured from 1902 until 1917 had serial numbers stamped into the bottom of the handle.

    Note of caution- these were very basic firearms WHEN BRAND NEW. Some were made for BLACK POWDER 32 ammo- and shooting one of those with smokeless ammo is a crapshoot- maybe you are lucky, maybe not.

    Cost of repair is likely to exceed value of revolver- these are not high dollar items. The "star" at the rear of the cylinder DOES wear- but so does the "hand"- the little bit of metal that pushes against the star to make it rotate. Top breaks were notorious for having the tip of the hand damaged- usually when someone attempted to close a cocked weapon- the hand is fully extended, and the edge of the cylinder hits it, denting the tip. These can sometimes be judiciously forged, and take up some of the slop with a worn star, but to be honest, you probably have a great candidate for a shadow box, along with a deck of cards, some poker chips, and a bowie knife.

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    Ammo for the old H&A .32 hand guns whats best

    what would be the proper ammo for the H&A .32 cal double action no. 6 I have one been cleared by my gun smith but he can not say for sure on the ammo for it???
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    I would not trust any gunsmith that says a gun is safe to shoot, but doesn't know what type of ammo it takes. Sounds like incompetence to me.
  5. rharand57

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    not the gun smith

    He took the time to look everything up he could find on the .32 H&A he could find. Looked the gun over said it looked fine to shoot but not finding anything on the ammo said it was probabaly a black powder lode but could not say for sure of the length of the cartridge. felt it was probably not .32 colt short but could not make a recomendation on the round size. ??