Mississippi Old Guns to Insure, Maybe Sell

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    I acquired these guns after my father passed away. They were my grandfather's. I have looked these up and this is what I have found out about them in order from top to bottom (sorry, not a great photo):

    J.Stevens Arms and Tool, Co, Mod 520 12ga, Pre 1920, Good Cond
    Browning Arms Co., A5 Sweet Sixteen, 1961, Good Cond
    H&R Firearms, 156 Huntsman Muzzleloader, 1972, Very Good Cond
    O.F.Mossberg and Sons, 46M 22cal, 1940-1945, Fair Cond
    Springfield-J.Stevens Arms, Mod 107B Tenite Stock 20 ga, Pre 1950, Fair Cond

    I also acquired his Nagant M1895 pistol (not pictured). Stamped 1932 below a star. It is in very good condition.

    Any idea what kind of value I should be insuring these for, or maybe selling if the price is right?

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    Welcome to FTF.
    Go on gunbroker and look them up. Ended auctions where they sold or ones with a number of bids on them give you a pretty good idea of what they are going for.

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    He is right; gunbroker or other auction sites will give you the most current values. Don't look at what people are asking for a rifle; look at what they sold for.

    Welcome to the forum from a fellow Mississippian.
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    Standard Catalog Values

    These are the values given in the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms 23 Edition. I agree with the other posters that current selling prices better reflect the true value but looking on gunbroker there are none to not many of these for sale so these prices are just for info. These are the book value.

    J. Stevens Model 520 in good condition Exc. $225 VG $150 G $125

    Browning Arms Co., A5 Sweet Sixteen Exc. $950 VG $700 G $400

    H&R Firearms, 156 Huntsman Muzzleloader This gun was not listed in my book and I looked on gunbroker and there was none for sell there and I know absolutely nothing about the gun but for whatever its worth I found this on another forum:
    Years ago I had a Huntsman. It was a VERY DANGEROUS gun. Powder blowback froze the firing pin, causing either misfires or firing upon closing. After some shooting, it would pop open upon firing. A radiologist in our group said he'd seen an X-ray of a guy's skull with a breechplug in it. Throw away the barrel, then sell the rest to Numrich for spare parts.

    O.F.Mossberg and Sons, 46M 22cal I didn't see this one in the Standard Catalog so went to Blue Book of Gun Values and it said 98% $225, 95% $200, 90% $175, 80% $150 etc.

    Springfield-J.Stevens Arms, Mod 107B Exc $150 VG $100 G $75

    As for the Nagant M1895 the current issue of the Shotgun News shows J & G Sales has them for $119.95 with select $20 more.