Old but new to black powder.

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    I was visiting the family in Kalifornistan and the 2 oldest grand kids got cap and ball revolvers. The SIL asked the RSO about shooting them for the 1st time. Good thing they had more than 1 RSO because he was tied up for the afternoon. He evidently loves black powder. After the kids learned how to load they started shooting. The younger of the 2 just graduated from HS and is an amazing shot. Definitely impressed the RSO.
    The older one has been shooting some BP rifles and teaching marksmanship for the Boy Scouts at camp. He is an Eagle. He was telling me how much fun the muzzle loader rifles are. I ended up buying 2 Traditions Buckstalker 50's for them. They really look interesting and I am now considering getting one for myself. They are a break action with a screw in breach that takes 209 shotgun primers. Only weigh 6 lbs.
    I was amazed that you can still buy muzzle loaders with no paperwork in the PRK.
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    Black powder shooting is a lot of fun. I do quite a bit of hunting with a 50cal T/C Hawken.
    Hope you find joy in the sport. Just for fun,,,,,,look into the older style rifles. Flintlock and Side-lock cap.
    There are still manufactures out there that make a finished model, along with building it from a kit.
    Check out Dixie Gun Works for an over all retail dealer.

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