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    Way back in 1955 or 1956 I bought a Browning semi auto rifle that fires "shorts only." I can't remember what I paid for it, I was just a kid, perhaps $80. I can find no information on this rifle. The serial number is A2848. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
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    Vegas- that is not a lot of info to go on- but if this rifle had a very slender forearm, loaded thru the butt, those were beautiful (and rather pricy for a .22) The later serial numbers did not use an A prefix, so I am guessing that you have an eary version. Link for ya: 22 Semi-Auto Rifle

    And of course, you can always contact Browning.
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    Remington began the production of the Mdl 24 based on the Browning patent in the early 1900s sometime around 1916 or so if my memory serves me right. I have one made in 1925 that came down through my family. I first shot it when I was 4 or 5 in about 1945. It has a serial number located on the base of the barrel where it joins the stock portion at take down. It had a very small Schnabel for arm. In about 1934, Remington updated model and it was longer with a larger forearm. More like the Browning that would eventually be imported. Remington ceased production of the rifle sometime in the 40s. I don't have access to my notes right now. Browning did begin importation in 1954 of the FN Belgium production but with Browning as the Mfr. The wheel-sight is one of the more sought after Belgium made Brownings of the late 50-s to early 60's. Mine (wheel sight) was made in 1959. I bought it new in a hardware store in Missouri in 1960 or 1961 for less than $75 dollars. I shot a lot of rabbits with that .22 while I was in college. The SA or ATD as they are usually called, are one of the finest semiautos ever made. DF
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    Oh, did they also make them in LR too? My friend has one, they eat ANY 22lr you feed them, he had the break down model though. He asked for a little research on the rifle several months back; as I recall from 1956-74 they were made by FN in Belgium, then from 76' on by a B.C. Miroku in Japan. The finishes start with a lightly engraved receiver and parts of the wood work checkered to highly polished walnut with a beaver-tail fore grip and a heavily engraved receiver