Old Belgian 22RF

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  1. mcskipper

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    Hi Guys,

    I picked up this Belgian made single shot 22RF at a gun show and know nothing about it.
    There are two screws and the breach block missing, but I can make them.
    The barrel is so-so, I'll know better when I get it shooting.
    ANY info on the rifle will be a very big help.


    IMG_7117.jpg p!
  2. c3shooter

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    STOP. No, really- STOP

    Do NOT try to shoot 22 rimfire in that. Unless I miss my guess, you have a rifle made to fire .22 CB caps. Usually 6mm, round lead ball, primer only, no powder.

    Do a google search using terms FLOBERT and WARNANT. The breech was held on one side by one screw, swung over behind the cartridge. It is not strong enough to withstand the force of a standard 22, and it will auto disassemble, burying itself in your forehead.

    I may be wrong, but every one I have seen with that distinctive shaped trigger guard was in that category.

    If wrong, I apologize. If right, St. Pauli Girl (dark)

  3. mcskipper

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    I'll heed your warning.
    I do do a lot of CB shooting, Do you think they will O.K to use?
    Barrel is marked FL 22 L

    Could you expand on the breach system.
    There is only one screw on the side , but there is a screw hole on the other side too.

    Bad luck, we are non drinkers
    Thanks Again!
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  4. c3shooter

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    There is a difference between BB and CB. These were extremely weak actions- bear in mind that the business end is sitting right THERE in front of your face. Remember the line from Dirty Harry? (Ya gotta ask yourself.....Do you feel lucky?) I THINK the FL 22 is for Flobert.

    Here are some pics of what yours MAY have looked like. There was another style anchored on one side that flipped over the breech. Do not confuse these with a rolling block action- which can be rather strong.

    flobert 2.jpg

    flobert 1.jpg

    Click the pic to make it bigger-
  5. M14sRock

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    I'm with C3 on this. Looks like every Flobert shooter I've ever seen. They were used for indoor parlor shooting. Kinda like darts in a pub, but with gun powder.

    Midway or Natchez probably have Floberts. I have a couple of plastic boxes left somewhere.